Sunday, 18 August 2019

Warped IPCC Charter

Opinion:  Case Smit

We are encouraged to believe that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is the ultimate authority on all matters to do with the global climate.  However, the IPCC Charter requires it to report only on the magnitude of man-made climate change.  In other words, the IPCC is not required to look at all the natural factors that undoubtably also affect our climate. 
Planetary orbits and their gravitational interactions affect the sun, whose magnetic field controls the intensity of cosmic rays hitting the earth’s atmosphere.  Cosmic rays have a profound influence on the earth’s cloud cover, a major influence on our climate.
Together with the moon, these gravitational effects flex the earth’s crust causing tectonic movements (earthquakes) and volcanic activity.  Terrestrial volcanoes spew enormous quantities of dust and gases into the atmosphere, far exceeding anthropogenic contributions.  There are 40 -50 volcanoes, world-wide, erupting at any one time. 
There are also hundreds of sub-sea volcanoes injecting heat (and gases) into the oceans.  Recent research suggests that these, together with the continuous heat transfer from the earth’s mantle, affect ocean currents and temperatures and hence the El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) phenomenon.  The CO2 balance with the atmosphere is very dependent on ocean temperatures.
This exclusion of natural influences explains why almost all IPCC global temperature projections have proved to be wrong; it also explains why carbon dioxide is touted as the only significant climate influence, explaining the obsession with limiting CO2 emissions.
A thorough, independent investigation of these issues would likely confirm the above and save our governments the billions of dollars currently spent on “climate action”.


  1. Well said,Case. How the hell do we get this into the MSM information stream?

  2. Well said, Case. Now, how the hell do we get this information into the MSM?

  3. Unfortunately Dave, you don't.
    Dissent on this anti-humanity hoax is absolutely forbidden and any heretic found doubting the word of Saint Greta of Thunberg will soon be punished by being burned at the stake!


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