Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Open Letter to PMs Morrison and Arden

Source: Scientific Physic
That well-known scientist, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinta Ardern,  has said that Australia has to answer to the Pacific for its position on climate change.
We will continue to say that New Zealand will do its bit. And we have an expectation that everyone else will as well. We have to. (link)
So, Australian Climate Sceptics has issued an open letter to both Prime Ministers Morrison and Arden.

Dear Prime Ministers Morrison and Arden,

Prime Minister Morrison has promised $500m over five years to Pacific Island nations. PM Arden has committed New Zealand to a complete transition away from fossil fuels by 2035.

a) Why do you falsely say "carbon" when you mean the invisible trace gas carbon dioxide (CO2)?
b) Why do you demonise essential, vital-to-life carbon dioxide?
c) Do you know that the rise in atmospheric CO2 FOLLOWS the rise in temperature? (link)
d) If increased CO2 caused catastrophic global warming, then the planet would have burned up 3.5 million years ago when CO2 was more than 35% of the atmosphere and not the tiny 0.04% that it is today. See graph.

I feel both nations - Australia and New Zealand - need an explanation before any more of taxpayers dollars are spent on the man-made global warming fraud.

Geoff Brown
Australian Climate Sceptics

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  1. I would take exception with your last sentence, as in "both nations need an explanation." They don't need an explanation, they both need an honest display of the supporting data and a description of how this affects the climate negatively.

    The problem has been that governments don't back up decisions with a display of honest data showing the need for the decision. There is the assumption that "we know better, and you don't need to know at all, just trust us."

    As Jefferson pointed out any government needs to have a concerned and educated citizenry in order to keep it under control. The US "uneducation system" has provided exactly the opposite citizenry over the past 50 years, which is why government is now allowed to completely run amuck. Does Australia and New Zealand suffer from the same disease - aka liberalitis?

    Good luck with your open letter, and I am trusting that it will, sadly, receive no response from either PM.


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