Friday, 7 December 2018

University pushing BS (Bad Science.)

Bill Leak's wonderful son Johannes
Gee dear readers,

Well  I have drawn back but this IPA doco has insprired me to  make another contribution.

Dear reader, we need to rail against the leftie injustices in this world.

It is so sad that the brilliant Bill Leak was hounded out of existence by the "Human Rights (not)" Commissars.

Bill was a brilliant commenter (although more from the right than the left) who got hounded out of his brilliant arena. What a tradegy!

His son, Johannes Leak has continued Bill's cartoons. Great work, Johannes.

Meanwhile, my friend Peter Ridd is still being hounded for promoting integrity in science.

Shouldn't the University be supporting Peter Ridd for promoting scientific integrity, rather than pushing (Bad Science) BS science?

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