Malcolm @ the Overflow

Roll on the Next Federal Election

An Ode by Jim Simpson to:

“Malcolm @ the Overflow”(Read in the manner of “Clancy of the Overflow”
with apologies to Banjo Paterson)

I had written him a letter, that I had for want of better 
Knowledge sent to where I’d met him, by the Harbour years ago. 

He was Banking when I knew him,

So I sent an Ozmail to him,

Just on spec of course, addressed to Malcolm @ The Overflow.

An answer came directly, from a place quite unexpected, 
I think it came from somewhere, near a Snowy hydro site. 
It seems his staffer wrote it,

And verbatim I will quote it,

“Malcolm’s walking down a tunnel, and he’s looking for some light”.

But Hazelwood’s forsaken now, where indeed there was great light, 
By shutting down this once, almighty source of light, 
Whence now our power cometh on sunless, windless night?

Where is this mighty new, Snowy hydro site?

Or perhaps a battery might, suffice our next half-hour’s light?

With innovation and agility, there’s matching liability, 
When politicians choose, then taxpayer’s bound to lose, 
To add to his disgrace, he handicaps the race,
With subsidies excess, they worsen this great mess. 
When disaster heads the news, then blame it all elsewhere,.

So it comes as no surprise when prices start to rise, 
That meters, poles and wires, they get all the blame, 
So ignore us at your peril, Malcolm @ The Overflow
For when you pollies meddle, you ignore a basic law,

Our ire..

Your messing with our Power, has consequences dire....!

Malcolm @ the Overflow 

- - - - - - - - 

Jim Simpson is convenor of
Climate Realists of Five Dock
“De Omnibus Dubitandum” – Question Everything!


  1. Doesn't Malcolm understand that weather (and therefore climate) comes from "Big Pfeller God!"

    Frying Pan’s Theology
    Scene: On Monaro.
    Dramatis Personae
    Shock-headed blackfellow,
    Boy (on a pony).

    Snowflakes are falling
    Gentle and slow,
    Youngster says, ‘Frying Pan
    What makes it snow?’

    Frying Pan, confident,
    Makes the reply —
    ‘Shake ’im big flour bag
    Up in the sky!’

    ‘What! when there’s miles of it?
    ‘Surely that’s brag.
    ‘Who is there strong enough
    ‘Shake such a bag?’

    ‘What parson tellin’ you,
    ‘Ole Mister Dodd,
    ‘Tell you in Sunday-School?
    ‘Big pfeller God!

    ‘Him drive 'm bullock dray,
    ‘Then thunder go;
    ‘Him shake 'im flour bag —
    ‘Tumble down snow!’


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