Alarmism on the run?

There was a time when, if one was seeking a research grant, all you had to do was include the words: "Climate Change"  to be successful in your application. For example, if one was seeking a grant to research the Australian Christmas Beetle,  the grant application would be more likely to be granted if the application was headed: Research into the Australian Christmas Beetle and its reaction to Climate Change rather than the plain Research into the Australian Christmas Beetle.

However, in the post-Paris world after POTUS Trump's withdrawal from the climate fraud (#agwFraud) things have changed. As James Delingpole explains (link):

#Winning – Grant Applications for ‘Climate Change’ down 40 Percent

Grants funded by the National Science Foundation have seen a 40 percent drop in 2017 of applications mentioning the words “climate change”. 
If you believe NPR this is a terrible thing. 
But no it’s not.  It’s a really, really good thing: one of the first major indicators that the Trump administration is starting to win the climate wars.
Will this be the year that the Alarmists' scares are finally exposed?