Thursday, 9 February 2017

Forum: Should Australia LEAVE the UN?

Invitation to hear Edwin Black, Senator Roberts, Grant Goldman & others discuss Leaving the UN – Wed Feb 15th at PH Canberra 8 pm Main Committee room

Hello friends,

                   Senator Malcolm Roberts would like to invite you to participate in a Forum on Wed Feb 15th at Parliament House in the Main Committee room at 8pm.

The idea is to begin the conversation in the community about Leaving the United Nations and exiting the Paris “climate agreement” etc.

The reasons about why and how the UN affects Farming, Industry, Israel and everyday life will be part of the discussion.

The event will be a 20-minute presentation from US  Journalist Edwin Black; see:-

Then a forum where different aspects of the idea will be discussed and concluded with questions from the floor.

We expect the event to conclude at 9.30pm 

If you are able to attend and participate, we would be very grateful.

If you plan to come along, please reply by emailing so we know who will be attending.

We will sign you in once you come inside  the parliament house entrance at 7.15 pm on Wednesday night

We look forward to catching up with you.


Leon Ashby on behalf of Senator Malcolm Roberts

PH 0435423636
= = = = = = = 

Edwin Black is the award-winning, New York Times bestselling international investigative author of 120 award-winning editions in 14 languages in 65 countries, as well as scores of newspaper and magazine articles in the leading publications of the United States, Europe and Israel. With more than a million books in print, his work focuses on human rights, genocide and hate, corporate criminality and corruption, governmental misconduct, academic fraud, philanthropic abuse, oil addiction, alternative energy and historical investigation. Editors have submitted Black's work eleven times for Pulitzer Prize nomination, and, in recent years, he has been the recipient of a series of top editorial awards. He has also contributed to a number of anthologies worldwide. For his human rights investigations, Black has been interviewed on hundreds of network broadcasts from Oprah, the Today Show, CNN Wolf Blitzer Reports and NBC Dateline in the US, to the leading networks of Europe and Latin America.


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