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More on Clexit

More from the Clexit Secretary - Viv Forbes

Re:      Clexit Climate Exit              
Date:   3
rd August 2016

For a while now I have been engrossed in helping to launch “Clexit”, whose aim is to get us all out of the Paris Climate Treaty and all of its associated Agendas. This will tell you all about it: 

The Paris Climate Treaty should be torn up:

Our initial goal was to assemble a small but impressive list of supporters spread across the globe with good credentials to speak about climate science, climate history, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbon energy, energy economics, business or politics.

We have succeeded well in that goal, and have now reached the stage at which we can go public and seek further support and more members. So we have launched.

We need your help. 

Can you please:
  • Resend this note to your list of contacts
  • Give the link above a mention on any social media you use.
  • Give us a run on any blogs you control
  • Let us know if you would like to join Clexit
  • Help in any other way? (Carbon Sense funds are almost exhausted if you can help there – see below.)

If you are joining pls give us (
  • Your name, State and Country
  • Your occupation and experience
  • Any relevant qualifications, books, papers, blogs or links
  • One short sentence saying something like: “I believe we should Exit these treaties because: “. . 
  • And, unless you are already known to us, the name and email address of one referee who will vouch for the truth of what you tell us
  • Make sure you are happy for all the above to become public (on our web site)

Below is a statement you can extract and use verbatim for resends if you wish. Make sure the link stays:

Clexit Creeps Closer  

The “CLEXIT” Campaign (Climate Exit) which originated in Australia was inspired by the Brexit decision of the British people to withdraw from the increasingly dictatorial EU bureaucracy. Clexit is spreading world-wide (16 countries already).

Clexit aims to prevent ratification of the costly and dangerous Paris global warming treaty which is being promoted by the EU/UN and their green army.

This war on hydro-carbon energy has already caused massive losses to western industry. If allowed to continue as envisaged by the Paris Treaty, economic depression will follow and all nations will suffer.

We must stop this futile waste of community savings; cease the destruction and dislocation of human industry; stop killing rare bats and birds with wind turbine blades and solar/thermal sizzlers; stop pelletising trees to feed power stations designed to burn coal; stop converting food to motor vehicle fuel; and stop the clearing of bush and forests for biofuel cultivation and plantations.

The Paris Climate Treaty should be torn up:

Carbon dioxide does not control the climate. It is an essential plant food and more carbon dioxide will produce more plant growth and a greener globe.

Viv Forbes
Secretary Clexit

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