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Skeptics told to keep their mouths shut. (was Cook's ajar?)

Cook (l) and Morano
Image: WUWT
John Cook, a climate communication fellow at the University of Queensland, runs a course offensively called Denier 101x. (link)

About this course 
In public discussions, climate change is a highly controversial topic. However, in the scientific community, there is little controversy with 97% of climate scientists concluding humans are causing global warming.
Struth! "Little controversy??"Right from the beginning of their blub, the University make the extraordinary claim of the much rebuked "97% of Climate Scientists." Four studies have made this "97%" claim. All have been debunked so many times -see eg

Why would a centre of learning start their promotion of a course with such a dubious statement?

Malcolm Roberts has written to his alma mater, the University of Queensland complaining of their lack of scientific integrity: (link)
As a UQ engineering honours graduate I’m encouraged that you are beginning to acknowledge the seriousness of the situation in which Prof. Hoegh-Guldberg and John Cook have placed you and our university. That is the first step to restoring scientific integrity at UQ and then, on that foundation, rebuilding UQ as a premier Australian university admired worldwide for science. . 
3. John Cook makes and/or implies false climate claims, contradicts empirical evidence and relies on an unscientifically fabricated and false consensus that you support.
The Course blurb adds:
We will look at the most common climate myths from “global warming stopped in 1998” to “global warming is caused by the sun” to “climate impacts are nothing to worry about.” 
Sorry, John Cook. All your myths have been busted.

See: Sks "myths" Debunked   

Marc Morano runs He is in Paris to launch his film "Climate Hustle."
He was interviewed by John Cook - he of the Fake 97% Myth

Cook interviewed me on camera and I audio recorded for my protection.  He is going to post full video.  The entire global warming debate was discussed. 97% claims, etc.  Richard Tol, Anthony Watts,  Steve Goddard, Fred Singer, Michaels, Curry, Monckton and others were cited.
If Cook keeps up his end of the bargain and posts the video, it will be a must see...I think Cook's ajar jaw was on the floor most of the time.

Listen Here - Cook-Morano Mp3

H/t WUWT, Climate Depot

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