The Muslimifictation of Europe.

Down-under we have seen the hordes of people, (mainly young men) surging from places like war-torn Syria to destinations in Europe.

Muslim Hoards causing Chaos in Europe,

A warning that has been ignored by the European Economic Community is given in a youtube video from 2010:

Quran Sarah4 – Verse 5
Those who have disbelieved our signsWe shall roast them in fire Whenever their skins are cooked to a turn,We shall substitute new skins for them That they may feel the punishment: Verily Allah is sublime and wise. A jew is hiding behind me!
Come and cut off his head.

A three year old girl answers the question: Are you familiar with the Jews?

Her answer: They are apes and pigs. ( A three year old!)


Take lessons from the example you see.   BUT.......What is Angela Merkel doing?

Has she seen the no-go zones in Paris?