Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Scared Witless : Larry Bell

Amazon says:
Forbes and Newsmax columnist Larry Bell exposes powerful players and agendas behind political-science premised climate alarmism. Written for the layperson by an internationally distinguished expert on space and other extreme environments, he deftly deflates overheated myths and deliberate distortions with cool-headed facts, perceptive analysis and humor.
Some Extracts:
About 438 million years ago, atmospheric CO2 dropped from 4,500ppm to 3,000 ppm, yet according to fossil records, world temperatures shot rapidly back up to an average 72ºF (22ºC). So, regardless whether CO2 levels were 7,000ppm of 3,000ppm temperatures rose and fell independently.

...virtually all climate models have predicted that if  greenhouse gases caused warming, there is supposed to be a telltale "hot spot" in the atmosphere about 10 Km above the tropics.Weather balloons (radiosondes) and satellites have scanned these regions for years and there is no such pattern                                        

Quoting Dr Vincent Gray:

[The IPCC] really has little to do with objectiver science. It is much more about political spin aimed at highlighting pre-conceived attention-grabbing hyperbole for release to the media in Summary for Policymakes reports. Non-scientific government appointees actually control the entire report to make sure it stays exactly with the politically-controlled message they can all agree with.

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