Friday, 1 May 2015

Green Energy and Job Losses

How many times do the alarmist side of the debate say: Green Energy Creates Jobs. A Google search; "renewable energy creates jobs" found more than 7 million links.

This blog has previously cited the study by Dr. Gabriel Alvarez from King Juan Carlos University:
You compare the created jobs with the jobs that have not been created because you pulled resources away from the rest of the economy you find out that for every job you were creating at least 2.2 jobs were not created or were destroyed by this policy. (back-up link)
One green job means a loss of 2.2 jobs in other sectors.

Now from Canada:

Liberal Gerald Butts' 'green energy' policies costs jobs
Gerald Michael Butts (born 1971) is the Principal Advisor to Justin Trudeau. Before joining the Trudeau campaign, he was President and CEO of the global conservation organization, WWF-Canada (World Wildlife Fund Canada). 
Brian Lilley of warns that when you look at what is happening, and who caused it, you need to worry about Ontario's disease spreading to the rest of Canada.
The Canadian Green Energy act meant that Canada turned away from reliable sources of power, affordable sources of power like Hydro, Nuclear, coal even to using just Wind and solar and paying extraordinary rates to get them. That is part of the reason why Ontario has lost 300,000 manufacturing jobs between 2004 and 2014.

Electricity woes knock Napanee out of the race for Goodyear expansion

Prince Edward County mayor Robert Quaiff says someone close to the situation told the Ontario Warden’s Caucus today the concerns surrounding dependable electricity in Napanee coupled with rising hydro rates fueled the decision. 
Another source to our newsroom who is also close to the situation agrees the decision had a lot to do with energy insecurity plus costs as well as the locations of other car manufacturing plants. We`re told Goodyear will be making an official announcement in the coming days.

 Gerald Butts says:

 Truth be told, we don't think there ought to be carbon based energy industry by the middle of this century. 
Brian Lilley says to think about what comes from oil

  • everything from the gas you put in your car;
  • the case around your i-phone; 

 Watch Rebel's 5 minute video:

What we saw from both these reports are that Green Jobs cost and also create unemployment.

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