Monday, 30 March 2015

Ted Cruz: I don’t believe in climate change because I ‘follow the science’

One-on-one Interview with Ted Cruz     

Ted Cruz:
You mention global warming: I’m a big believer that we should follow the science and follow the evidence. If you look at global warming alarmists; they don’t like to look at the actual facts and the data. The satellite data demonstrate that there has been no significant warming whatsoever for 17 years.

Now that’s a real problem for the global warming alarmists because all of the computer models on which this whole issue was based predicted significant warming and yet the satellite data show it ain’t happening.

Interview interjects a lame question based on the “Precautionary Principle” (addressed here) in short: “Why not do everything we can to reduce our carbon (dioxide) footprint?”

To which Ted replies: I read this morning from a Newsweek article from the 1970s, talking about global cooling, and it said; “The “Science” is clear, it’s overwhelming, we are in a major cooling period and it’s gonna cause enormous problems world-wide and the solution for all the advocates in the 70s for “Global Cooling” was massive government control of the energy sector, of our economy and aspects of our lives.

The data proved to be not backing up that theory so that all the advocates of “global cooling” suddenly shifted to “global warming” and they advocated; “It’s warming” and the solution interestingly enough was the exact same solution: government control of the energy sector and every aspect of our lives.

But then the data don’t back that up so if you notice the term has shifted; and now suddenly it’s “climate change.”

And Climate Change and again the solution is: government control of the energy sector and every aspect of our lives and when some-one keeps proposing the same solution regardless of the problem, you start to think – maybe they just like: government control of the energy sector and every aspect of our lives.

Ted Cruz sums up: I am the child of two mathematicians and scientists. I believe in following evidence and data. On the Global Warming Alarmists: Anyone who actually points the the evidence that disproves their apocalyptical claims – they don’t engage in reasoned debate. What do they do? They scream: You’re a denier! They brand you a heretic.

H/t Jim Simpson


  1. Damn he spoiled it, most sensible up until he mentioned the flat earth and Galileo, the Earth was considered to be round well before Galileos time.

    1. So he accidentally mixed up his scientists. No biggie. The history is accurate, just got the names wrong. Point is that probably about 97% of people used to believe the world was flat, and those who denied it were mocked, just like those who question anthropogenic global warming/cooling/climate change are mocked.

  2. Nicolaus Copernicus created a model and wrote a book on what became known as Copernican heliocentrism and published on his death in 1543.

    Galileo first improve a dutch invention of the telescope and then studied the heavens.

    From Britannica:

    Before he left Padua he had discovered the puzzling appearance of Saturn, later to be shown as caused by a ring surrounding it, and in Florence he discovered that Venus goes through phases just as the Moon does. Although these discoveries did not prove that the Earth is a planet orbiting the Sun, they undermined Aristotelian cosmology: the absolute difference between the corrupt earthly region and the perfect and unchanging heavens was proved wrong by the mountainous surface of the Moon, the moons of Jupiter showed that there had to be more than one centre of motion in the universe, and the phases of Venus showed that it (and, by implication, Mercury) revolves around the Sun. As a result, Galileo was confirmed in his belief, which he had probably held for decades but which had not been central to his studies, that the Sun is the centre of the universe and that the Earth is a planet, as Copernicus had argued. Galileo’s conversion to Copernicanism would be a key turning point in the scientific revolution.
    Galileo’s increasingly overt Copernicanism began to cause trouble for him.
    Galileo, due to his Copernicanism, "was pronounced to be vehemently suspect of heresy and was condemned to life imprisonment and was made to abjure formally."

  3. Proof that CO2 has no significant effect on climate and identification of what actually does cause climate change (95% correlation since before 1900) are at

    1. Always willing to help you promote your blog, Dan. However some reciprocal links would be appreciated.

  4. Dan, I think I've mentioned it before, but I find your match to HadCrut a bit worrying.

    If you put a bit more ocean effect into the mix , you would get a more pronounced peak around 1940.. like reality used to have.


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