Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Global UNwarming - Why take another step?

Law Lecturer Peter Burdon
Peter Burdon -a lecturer in law at the University of Adelaide has written an opinion piece for the ABC. 

The ABC ignores its charter to be even handed and only looks at one side of the Climate Debate - the great Global UNwarming debate. 

They will not talk to the qualified scientists from the realist side of the debate, eg Bob Carter, Gordon Fulks, David Evans, Richard Lindzen, Ian Plimer, Bill Kininmonth Vincent Gray etc etc. They do, however, talk to people with qualifications in Ethics (eg UNethical Prof Lewandowsky) and Law (Eg Burdon.) 

Although the man-made globalwarming hypothesis has been falsified many times and there has been no warming or UNwarming for more than 17 and a half years, the ABC still pushes the catastrophic man made global warming (CAGW) scare and this piece by Peter Burdon (Climate change: the situation is hopeless...let's take the next stepcontinues the theme.

Curiously, from a legal man whose profession examine each and every word, Burdon starts by talking of "trust." Well, the Global Warming Nazis have just about wiped out trust in climate science with  their "Hide the Decline," and "Mike's Nature Trick." Science however is not a matter of trust; science is not about belief. "Do you believe in global warming?" is a religious question and not a scientific question.

Then Burdon curiously goes through a passage of grief to finally arrive at
Following this, it is well documented that a healthy and effective response to grief is to join with others and act. Isolation is disempowering and I do not think there is anything to be gained by capitulating. 
As the cellist Pablo Casals said: "The situation is hopeless; we must now take the next step." Finding meaning in adverse circumstances is an enduring human quality and one that we need to collectively summon again. 
Even if it is too late to prevent a 2°C rise in temperature there is still much we can do, and any success in reducing emissions will greatly improve the survival odds of communities around the world.

Strange - there has been no warming for more than 17 years. There has only been warming of less than 1ºC since the planet defrosted from the Little Ice Age. It takes a great leap of faith (religion) to be talking about preventing a 2ºC rise in temperature.

Then Burdon talks of a "Post Carbon World." As Bob Brinsmead wrote in his essay: "An Irrational Fear of Carbon:"
There are vast stores of carbon in the earth, most of it in the form of carbonated rocks and organic material from all forms of life that have died to  make decomposing vegetation, humus, coal and other fossil fuels. The ocean too contains vast amounts of carbon stored in sediments, shells, corals. The ocean contains about ninety times more carbon dioxide than is found in the atmosphere. Besides all this carbon in the earth (the lithosphere), oceans and rivers (the hydrosphere) and in the air (the atmosphere), there is a great amount of carbon stored up in all the living plants and creatures on earth (the biosphere).   
This includes the micro-organisms in the soil and in the oceans. This micro-life makes up more than two thirds of the world’s biomass. As any good text book on biology will tell us, all life on this planet is carbon-based. Every living thing, whether plant or animal is composed of carbon compounds. The building blocks for life are made of carbon.  The dry matter of plants, whether giant trees or tiny grasses, is more than 90% carbon.  The entire animal kingdom is also composed of carbon. Every organ, nerve, and the trillions of cells right down to our DNA is composed of carbon compounds.
ALL life on this planet is carbon based!

Therefore, is Burdon's "Post Carbon World" are Post Life World?

Then Mr Burdon moves on to actions and his plan could equally apply to the realist side of the debate.

Burdon advocates:
          • our actions might involve raising awareness about climate change;
             We realists should promote that fact of Global UNwarming and the innocence of CO2
          • speaking to politicians in your electorate;  
         We realists should being contacting our MPs and letting them know that many in the electorate are aware of the global warming hoax;
         • supporting sustainable technology such as solar thermal;
            We realists should be pointing out the uselessness, unfairness and the failures on wind and solar

Let's not forget the Complete list of things caused by Global Warming which has yet to be updated by the Global Warming Nazi's latest Scare that the Malaysian Airliner maybe harder to find due to Global (UN)Warming.

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