Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Canada-based group, the Friends of Science, has just completed a review of the four main studies used to document the alleged consensus and found that only 1 - 3% of respondents "explicitly stated agreement with the IPCC declarations on global warming," and that there was "no agreement with a catastrophic view."

That means 97% NON CONSENSUS!

Their summary begins:

The 97% scientific consensus on human-caused global warming is frequently
cited as the justification for the imposition of carbon taxes and extreme
climate change or greenhouse gas reduction targets “…to stop dangerous
climate change” At least 5 separate surveys since 2004 claim a 97% consensus, or in the case of Oreskes (2004) – a 75% consensus saying “Remarkably, none of the papers disagreed with the consensus position.” 
In fact, Friends of Science deconstruction of these surveys reveals there is no such consensus. [Figure 1 below]

SO, using the Actual % column above we get
                                                          Non Consensus%
Oreskes/Peiser                                            98.8%
Doran And Zimmerman                             96.6%
Andregg et al                                              34.0%
Cook et al                                                    99.46%

Let's just say 97% NON CONSENSUS.

 See Friends of Science pdf - HERE

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