Saturday, 11 January 2014

Willful Stupidity of An American Leftard.

I sometimes wonder if the Warmists are dead stupid or are just so warped in their thinking that they cannot think straight. Take this piece posted by Popular Progressive:

‘It’s COLD Today, So Global Warming Is a Hoax!’ The Right’s Willful Stupidity on Global Warming (Video)

‘It’s COLD Today, So Global Warming Is a Hoax!’ 

The Right’s Willful Stupidity on Global Warming 

Posted by: Barbara Friedland ¶

As certain as climate change is the eruption of know-nothings who challenge science every time it snows, led by Fox News, of course. 
Barbara, I'll see you and raise you one: As certain as global warming alarmism is the eruption of pseudo-scientists who say "I told you so, whenever any tiny section of the world has a hot day!

However how stupid is it to come out with this statement:
Polar bears standing on ever shrinking ice floes already agree with 97% of climate scientists.
The illustration above was photoshopped. It is similar to one used by Science magazine which was created by Science Magazine to illustrate a letter. And besides, Arctic ice is expanding.

Oh, Barbara! Why roll out the "97% of climate scientists" hogwash that has been shown to be false so many times.

So what comes next in this Willfully Stupid article:
In fact, the changes in our environment generate an increasing number of and more intense storms. Do folks believe that climate change will happen during lunch? And are they blind to the other manifestations of this phenomenon? Like super storms.
Barbara, the IPCC in their latest AR5 report has ruled out extreme weather events being caused by man-made climate change. But ignorance on this and many other matters does not stop the Barbara from pontificating on Popular Progressive.

Then, the willful stupidity rises up to a crescendo:
Next time you are confronted with a climate change skeptic, ask them these questions… 
1. Why would scientists, whose very livelihood depends on finding facts and getting them right, intentionally make up global warming? It is in a scientist’s nature to get the facts correct, otherwise they would not have gone into that field. They would have instead grown up to be used car salesmen, Evangelical preachers making 7 figures, Fox News anchors, and Republican politicians. 
2. 97% of scientists in the WORLD agree that man-made global warming is occurring. Is is sensible to think that they are all in on some grand conspiracy to convince the world that the earth is warming when it is not? What do they have to gain from it? 
3. Why is it that the ONLY significant denial of climate change comes from ONE group of people in the entire world, that being of course Republicans in America? Would it not be prudent to think that they have much to gain by convincing as many people as possible that the scientists are wrong? Especially when the Democrats for the most part back the scientific findings.
Hang on Barbara, Let's rephrase question 1:

Why would scientists, whose very livelihood depends on getting grants  for studying global warming intentionally reveal the doubts their science produce?  Their continuing income, like the used car salesman seeking his next sale, depends on getting their next grant. Independent Scientists, like the ones who wrote the alternative NIPCC report (Climate Change Reconsidered II: Physical Science), don't have  to pander to perplexed politicians.

Question 2 is the many times falsified fraudulent ficticious fabricated "97% of Climate Scientists" fallacy.  Surely Barbara knows this is false and is being willfully stupid.

Question 3 is so willfully stupid that it hardly bears an answer, however first, sceptics KNOW that climate changes, so I am sure they would not deny climate change. IS Barabara confusing climate change, a natural event and Anthropogenic Man Made Global Warming?

Are American Republicans the only group who question the falsified man-made global warming hypothesis?  How about the British? The Russians? The Chinese?

Wake up and smell the flowers, Barbara.

¶ The piece says: Barbara is a marketing expert who loves words, pilates and animals; it seems she has little knowledge of her chosen topic, climate science.



  1. The cause of the warming, the end of it, and why temperatures are headed down are no longer a mystery.

    Curiosity resulted in the discovery of the two primary drivers of average global temperatures that explain the reported measurements since before 1900 with 90% accuracy and credible estimates back to 1610. The science is settled, CO2 is NOT one of them.

  2. I have tried to answer the original article but my first comment was eliminated.

    Have a screen shot of my second. If that disappears, I will try again.

    THese people howqever are scared of the truth!

    1. That's a common practice among alarmist blogs, and some newspapers as well. When no dissenting opinions are visible, it gives the readers the impression that there are no dissenting opinions at all.


  3. Third attempt. Will it disappear like the other two? These stupid people call themselves Progressive but to deny comment surely means they are Regressive!

    "Boy, Progressive Populists seem to be scared of the truth. You publish a post full of errors but have twice made my replies disappear.

    That’s not very progressive, is it. Perhaps you should change your name to regressive.

    Here is my reply to your error-filled willfully stupid post above:"

    1. Another attempt with the Willfully Stupid!

      Your comment is awaiting moderation.

      Are you people serious? You publish a critical piece calling climate realists stupid, but, although I have tried to post my rebuttal four times (this is the fifth) You don’t have the guts to face up to criticism.

      Now THAT, I would call stupid. I have screen shot of these replies and, if this disappears down your black hole of stupidity like the last four, I will do another post revealing how cowardly you are and still showing how stupid your post above was.

      Over to you! Common sense? or carry on your willful stupidity?


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