Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Jesse Peter's out.

It seems that my previous post hit a raw nerve with Jesse Peter. From his facebook  page, perhaps he might enjoy that.....This pic labelled torture station is on his facebook page.

He makes some extraordinary statements:
Due to natural variability, trends based on short records are very sensitive to the beginning and end dates and do not in general reflect long-term climate trends.
You can see this for yourself by comparing the trend from mid-1997 to the trend from 1999 : the latter is more than twice as large: 0.07 instead of 0.03 degrees per decade.
Sks Trend Calculator
 an astute observer might note that australia is hitting record high temperatures

The BoM much trumpeted claim that 2013 was our hottest year is less than robust because some global climate groups disagree (link)

 I posted this graph with data from two peer-reviewed papers:


He replied:
your graphs are bull****. they come from bull*** sources that do not do peer reviewed work that is published in actual scientific journals like Science.

you jokers have a lot of hide. the actual scientists are busy doing the hard work of counting tree rings and drilling ice cores, and you insult them by saying their entire life's work is some communist conspiracy,
What? The ice-cores that show temperature rises before CO2?
Then he resorted to the much rebuffed BigOil argument and shamelessly linked it to the tobacco industry using the shameful term denialist:
THERE. IS. NO. DEBATE. except that manufactured by the denialist industry, funded by big oil money, in the same way that doubt was 'manufactured' by the tobacco industry to delay action against their own insanely profitable ventures.
As usual, the ad hominem argument shows itself to be a singularly pathetic tool to sort out reality — like sifting sand with a hammer, or chopping wood with a fork, it’s the true choice of the confused.


When I asked
Can you point to ONE thing wrong in the original post?
He couldn't! He then resorted to more inanities and swear words.


  1. Can I have the source to the graph regarding CO2 and temperature not correlating for the past 540 million year?

  2. Your first link is the CO2 and temperature data that is shown in your graph but you don't provide any information that explains why CO2 does not correlate with the temperature of the Earth over the last 540 million years? Your second link is a 14 year old paper that looks at Veizer et al (2000) paper, but it just suggests that the CO2 correlation with temperature was not "perfect" and that more work needed to be done. Veizer did more work and found that he was wrong and that CO2 does correlate with the temperature over the last 540 million years, Veizer et al, Vol 449| 13 September 2007| doi:10.1038/nature06085.


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