Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The Best Chance to Remove the Greens from the Sth Australian Senate

“Leon Ashby is the best chance to remove the Greens from the SA Senate”
Leon Ashby
2002 Centenary Medal recipient for services to
Conservation and the Environment

In support of NCTCS Senate Candidate
 Leon Ashby

Hello Supporters and Readers,

"Leon Ashby needs your help to secure a seat in the Senate."

This email is an unashamed request for a few funds to assist electing NO CARBON TAX Climate Sceptics Candidate Leon Ashby to the Senate in SA. 

We believe his chances are remarkably good as explained below.

The funds are to print as many Posters as possible to spread around SA during the two weeks prior to the election. Posters cost around $15 each. We would like to print over 100 if possible. (e.g. Raise $1500 or more)

First a big thank you to everyone who has given funds to get our 12 candidates nominated. It cost us $24,000.

Secondly a huge thank you to the other parties who have preferenced NCTCS high in SA - We are humbled by your confidence in us.

There are 12 parties who have preferenced Leon either first or virtual first in SA.

The media has missed this point so far, so do not be surprised if you have not read about it - YET

There are three "humps" for Leon to get over to get elected.

The first hump is to poll highly enough to start accumulating the votes of the other micro parties. 

We believe he needs 5,000 votes to do this. Last election he received 4,600 votes.
Publicity is the crucial thing here - Posters - interviews and people passing on information with emails

 “Leon Ashby is the best chance to remove the Greens from the SA Senate” is the message to get out.

The second hump is the toughest - when preference distribution reaches around the 4% mark.

There's a significant number of small groups going to the Sex party and we believe their total will be around 4%.

Family First gets a very strong primary and has two early preferences so they will have around 4%. 

The Greens might have about 8%  and the Liberals will have over half a third quota.

If the accumulated "Leon" vote is above the accumulated "Sex" vote OR the accumulated "Family First" vote he gets the majority of both of them (some of the Sex party feeders split off to the Greens, but Sex party themselves come to Leon along with the LDP and smokers rights party.

The third hump is not much of a hump, when it is down to three - the Greens, the Liberals, and Leon.

The Greens are preferencing Leon above the Liberals and the Liberals are preferencing Leon above the Greens. This means that as long as he is above one of them, he gets elected.

We think the odds of this are really good, as it's a little bit of a zero sum game between the Liberals and the Greens - The higher the Liberal vote is, the lower the ALP surplus going to the Greens and vice versa. And remember that mathematically the number of votes left in this last distribution must be 2 quotas minus one vote - so 28.6%.

Provided Leon has 9% of the vote or more, then one of the other two must be below him. 

So if you can spare $20 or $100 to help maximise the primary vote for Leon, please donate by cheque to 9 Britton Place, McKellar ACT 2617 

or direct deposit into

Westpac Climate Sceptics Account
BSB 035612
acc no 239469  

Donations to NCTCS - an AEC Registered Political Party - are Tax Deductible.

Please call or text 0435423636 or email us to let us know how much you have donated so we know how many posters we can order by noon Thursday.

Many Thanks,

The NO CARBON TAX Climate Sceptics Team.

Authorised by Bill Koutalianos 1C Marshall St, Petersham, Sydney

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