Thursday, 8 August 2013

It's Steam not Pollution, Stupid!

Lies and Deception
The Galileo Movement has produced a short two minute video looking at the tricks that Media and Alarmists use to portray steam as pollution.

As the narrative says:
If the science were settled, why do Alarmists need to
  • lie, 
  • deceive, 
  • be dishonest?

The Steamy Video - it's steam stupid!   


  1. A good video but not always factually correct. The steam comes from hydrocarbons in the coal, which is not pure carbon. Coal can be heated to produce coke, coal gas, and other by-products.
    The cooling towers heat the water vapour in the air passing through them which then condenses when it is released. Power stations generally recycle their turbine steam by condensing it (the "condenser" in your diagram) to avoid scale deposits inside the boiler tubes, which steam locomotives suffer.

    1. Your'e wrong. There is no steam that comes from hydrocarbons in the coal. The steam comes from water that was heated in the boiler tubes to high pressure steam. After transfer of the heat energy of the steam to the turbines that drive the alternators, the water is recovered by condensing the low pressure steam in the cooling towers. The recovered water is re-used to generate steam

  2. Hi anonymous,
    We placed this explanation on the video to explain why we used steam rather than the correct terminology. Thanks

    "The video simplifies power station operation to enable a short video focused on the core message: deceit by ABC, Fairfax, Climate Commission and CSIRO in misrepresenting Nature's invisible trace gas as billowing steam, artificially digitally enhanced blackened steam and/or particulates.
    Detailed explanation of power station operation is available here:"

  3. I think we should ban human emissions of water vapour as this is a very powerful greenhouse gas - a far more serious problem than CO2.

    We should all have to use less water and pay a "toilet tax". We can then use these revenues to transfer wealth from the water rich North to the virtuous desert dwelling South with a large slice for the necessary beurocrats obviously.

    It should be illegal to cook by boiling and swimming pools should be banned. The washing and drying of clothes should be done with solvents as drying clothes in the open air produces massive emissions. While fossil fuels are bad those based largely on hydrocarbons are the worst so we must revert to coal and steam engines in which steam is condensed and recycled internally.

    It is only by taking these drastic steps can we hope to save the planet from the dangers posed by the evil H20.

    We must act at once to save the World!

    Bovine Scatalogically speaking....


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