Monday, 1 July 2013

Useless Carbon (dioxide) Policies from both Major Parties.

 Press release

from Leon Ashby

SA senate candidate

No Carbon Tax Climate Sceptics

Now Kevin Rudd is back in the ALP saddle, an ETS is being planned.

I hope readers will remember these points:

Rudd's ETS was previously costed at $500 Billion by 2020;
Abbott's Direct Action will cost $85 Billion by the same date.

Neither will reduce Global temperatures by anything measurable.

In fact the earth's temperature has been stable for 17 years (per satellite measurements) - while CO2 levels have increased from 370 to 400 parts per million. So it is obvious  EXTRA CO2 makes little or no impact on global temperatures.

Therefore reducing CO2 by 5% under an ETS or Direct Action will make absolutely no impact on Global temperatures either.
Both Rudd and Abbott will waste our hard earned tax money on achieving nothing (except a warm fuzzy feeling for a few activists)

If that doesn`t worry you - think about this.

$85 Billion could pay for
  •  an NDIS ($5 billion),
  •  $20 billion for a better education system
  • a bullet Train between 3 cities ($50 billion) and we could still afford
  • a Bradfield type inland river scheme ($10 billion)

And Rudd's ETS plan will instead waste $500 Billion which is nearly six times that much.

Who wants either of them governing without someone else in the senate holding them to account.

Leon Ashby
No Carbon Tax Climate Sceptics

SA Senate Candidate

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