Agenda 21 Win for the Good Guys.

John Smeed, along with Case Smit, brought Lord Christopher Monckton to Australia on his first Australian tour.

John has now reported that he has had a win against the insidious Agenda 21 with the Queensland State Liberal National Party who passed a resolution opposing Agenda 21; that resolution now becoming LNP Policy.

NCTCS blog has previously written of the creeping Agenda 21 threat, including:

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John Smeed writes:

It should be noted that while a matter may become Party Policy, the Parliamentary Party DOES NOT HAVE TO ACT ON IT OR COMPLY WITH IT ! I find this a little confusing in the context of Government of the people, by the people and for the people !

None-the-less, today we took a clear step forward and it will be difficult for Coalition MPs to be quite as dismissive as they have in the past of Agenda 21.
On the links to "Shutting the Debate Down" (see above) Opposition MP Greg Hunt falsely claimed Agenda 21 is a 20 year olddead, non-binding declaration,  Mr Hunt is - as John says; "Dismissive."

John's Submission to the LNP:

for LNP Convention 19-21 July 2013
We are presenting this very simple resolution because we consider it to be extremely important in the context of protecting the wellbeing of Australian society.

Many interested people consider AGENDA 21 to be nothing other than a harmless, non-binding, United Nations document simply promoting the protection of the environment and hence deserving of support. 

However, Agenda 21 is anything but that and in reality it is an insidious, and carefully structured and worded, 40 chapter piece of Social Engineering setting out how the UN considers the world should live in the 21st century. It is a Trojan Horse with its dangerous, Fabian Socialist objectives cleverly camouflaged with some desirable, environmental objectives.

Interestingly, Agenda 21 was not released as an international treaty document in the Rio Declaration and in not requiring formal ratification avoids Australian judicial adjudication. Its promoters have therefore been able to operate openly in Australia quite independent of normal Australian democratic controls.

As a result, we have seen, Agenda 21, with guidance from the UN ICLEI office in Australia, slowly infiltrate, into our society virtually unnoticed, particularly at Local Government level, over the last twenty years.

While such a Fabian scheme would be enthusiastically welcomed and promoted by any true socialist government, one would certainly not expect a politically conservative party such as the LNP to support and promote a scheme such as Agenda 21 with its prime objectives including the effective abolition of private property rights, the implementation of Global Governance (One World Government) and the   effective redistribution of wealth.  Just as an example, look at the effect of the Native Vegetation Regulation.

I am sure it will be agreed that it is incomprehensible for the LNP to support and promote such a scheme that must be in conflict with the principles of virtually every LNP member.

However, the reality is the Coalition has to date not opposed the step by step implementation Agenda 21 in Australia but on a number of occasions actually supported it. I believe that this is a situation that should be immediately corrected and hence I would hope that you will strongly support this resolution.


Well done, John!


  1. Bravo John!

    Congratulations on your very clearly and convincingly stated resolution and its heartening outcome.

    Well done indeed.

  2. A must view for all elected officials:
    How the Americans are loosing their property Rights

  3. I congratulate you and commend your efforts in publicising this insidious attack on our freedom.
    I find it disturbing that while a matter may become Party Policy, the Parliamentary Party DOES NOT HAVE TO ACT ON IT OR COMPLY WITH IT! If that is the case, then we need to pre-select candidates who will abide by Party policy.
    Every citizen should be made aware of the implications of Agenda 21 and the ramifications that would ensue with its implementation.

  4. Great news. Of course it is noted that the parliamentary party does not have to act - but at least they now cannot say they know nothing about it.

    Good to see that someone is trying to do something about it anyway.

  5. Congratulations John,for making people aware of Agenda 21. "AGENDA 21 FOR DUMMIES"gives a full explanation. This was brought up decades ago by Brian Wilshire on 2GB.(Now on from 12 midnight 2GB) I have been pushing Agenda 21 for some time. Now its necessary to make the younger people aware (by tweeting or however you reach them) as they think a good reason to vote for KRUD is because he gave out free money.Their own money given back,but another way of helping bankrupt the country.

  6. Good work, John. Now its up to the rest of us to pass this on to as many people as possible and to pressure our MPs to ACT. People power is our only hope. When good men and women do nothing, evil prospers.


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