Evasive Tim Flannery dodges Senate Estimates.

Tim Flannery is Australia's (or should that be Panasonics') $180,000 pa part-time Climate
Commissioner. Tim has decided to dodge the Senate Estimates Hearing again. Tim has a record of dodging ticklish situations.

Wes Allen wrote The Weather Makers Re-examined, (link) a critical analysis of Flannery's book,
Wes showed that The Weather Makers contains
  • 23 misinterpretations, 
  • 28 contradictory statements,
  • 31 untraceable or suspect sources, 
  • 45 failures to reflect uncertainty, 
  • 66 over-simplifications or factual errors, 
  • 78 exaggerations and over a hundred unsupported dogmatic statements, many of them quite outlandish. 
Even though Wes sent a copy of the book to Tim, there were no responses from Tim; no attempt to counter Wes' arguments.

Let's not forget some of Tim's predictions:  (From Andrew Bolt - Link and link)
  • So even the rain that falls isn’t actually going to fill our dams and our river systems, and that’s a real worry for the people in the bush.
  • In Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane, water supplies are so low they need desalinated water urgently, possibly in as little as 18 months. 
  • If we cut emissions today, global temperatures are not likely to drop for about a thousand years.

 Now we find the Tim has decided once again to dodge the Senate Estimates Hearing.  From "Our"ABC: (link)

Senators frustrated as 'personal commitments' keep Tim Flannery from Senate Estimates hearing

Senators have expressed frustration that Climate Commissioner Tim Flannery has not made himself available for a Senate Estimate hearing today. 
Representatives of the Climate Change department and other bodies regulating environmental policy have been called to appearLiberal Senator Ian Macdonald says it is a familiar response that has been used by Professor Flannery to avoid previous hearings as well.
"At least you could have a different excuse every estimates, for the six estimates I think that he's been in charge we've had the same one," he said. 
"He's always had long-standing personal commitments."
Pity he hasn't got the commitment to stand up questioning from Senator Macdonald:
"Can you take on notice then; what Professor Flannery has been paid in the past financial year, what he's actually done, how many of his predictions have turned out to be accurate [and] how many have been wildly over the top," he said.
Come on, Tim! Man up! 

Tim Flannery's bizarre, unscientific & globalist rant


  1. If he won't attend Senate questioning sessions he should be tried in absentia based on his woeful record of inaccurate predictions.

  2. Tim Flannery has given us some marvelous ideas, for example his "Here on Earth" book (2010). On the other hand he got off-side with Science by taking a political appointment on the wrong side of the Climate Change Science issue. Consequently, he has now got further off-side, this time with Australians. He ploughs a more consistent line in his video clip, the "bizarre, unscientific & globalist rant", where the theory is great, in an academic sort of way. But at the down-to-Earth level, he may not be allowing enough time for the coming "Human Super-Organism" to become global and settle us down. While that is evolving, we may over-shoots Earth's resources. The Human Super-Organism - nice dumbed-down people living co-operatively - will still need many of the resources we need now - Oxygen, water, food, shelter, medicines, aesthetics - and 99.9% of these resources are other organisms (plus a little oil). As the loss of the Earth's Biodiversity accelerates at a frightening rate we are losing the possibility of a future for our species. Suggestion: everybody, read "Here on Earth" and think and talk about it. And keep tabs on species c/o biolists.com.


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