Pacific Islands sinking - NOT

Maldive stunt cabinet meeting
The Maldives cabinet held an underwater cabinet meeting as a stunt even though they were planning large developments; large airport expansions, new hotels and resorts. An each way bet? Or are the Hotel and Resort developers betting on a sure thing.

Now, a new study exposes the fallacy that islands and atolls of the Pacific are being inundated as sea level rises:

Nature and stability of atoll island shorelines: Gilbert Island chain, Kiribaati, Equatorial Pacific  Rankey, EC Sedimentology Volume 58, Issue 7, pages 1831–1859, December 2011  DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-3091.2011.01241.x


But is this contention correct? In a study that integrated field observations, differential global positioning system data, historical aerial photographs and ultra-high resolution remote sensing images that examined the nature, spatial patterns and rates-of-change of the shorelines of 17 islands on the Maiana and Aranuka atolls of Kiribati's Gilbert Island chain, Rankey (2011) obtained a wealth of data that come to bear on this important question. And the conclusions he derives from that information are vastly different from the data-sparse contentions of the world's climate alarmists.
Rankey found, for example, that short-term (four-year) rates of shoreline changes can indeed be dramatic, with significant intrusion of seawater over sloping shores. However, much longer (forty-year) rates of change are much smaller; and not all of his analyses depict shrinking dry-land surfaces, as some of the studied islands have actually been accruing above-water area. And so it is that he forthrightly and correctly states that "the atoll islands are not washing away."

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