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 The Prime Minister of Australia, The Hon Julia Gillard, on her website (LINK) has:

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Prime Minister Gillard leads an accountable and open Government which welcomes your views and feed-back. You can ask the Prime Minister a question, give advice and pass on well-wishes here.
Previously NCTCS blog had a post (LINK) listing some questions that we felt that the PM should answer.

Taking the PM at her word ("accountable and open Government which welcomes your views and feed-back") NCTCS blog has submitted the following:

We have had the continuing saga of my local member Craig Thomsom (CT).

(Questions re Thomson - QT)

QT1: Did some-one (looking very similar to CT ) break into CT's home and steal his credit card and driver's licence?
QT2: Did that person then drive from the central coast to Sydney using CT’s phone?
QT3: Did that imposter then ring (using CT’s phone) some union official from CT’s phone?
QT4: Did that imposter then ring (using CT’s phone) a brothel and make an appointment?
QT5: Did that imposter then ring (using CT’s phone) some more union officials?
QT6: Did that imposter (looking very similar to CT ) then use CT’s driver’s licence as an ID at the brothel and have his enjoyment?
QT7: Did that imposter then return to the Central Coast, again break in to CT’s residence and return the  credit card and driver’s licence?
QT8: Did CT later approve the credit card payment to the brothel used by the alleged imposter?
QT9: Do you still stand behind Mr CT?

(Questions re the Prime Minister (PM) and her time with Slater and Gordon (SG) – QG)
QG1: Did the PM set up an account for an incorporated entity - "AWU Workplace Reform Association?"
QG2: Did you know that such an incorporated entity was against the regulations of your client - the AWU?
QG3: Did you seek minutes and regulations from the AWU for the creation of this incorporated entity?
QG4: Did your application say that the incorporated entity was to develop safe work practices?
QG5: Did you later tell SG that the incorporated entity was in fact a re-election or “slush” fund ?
QG6:  Re QG4 & 5 above, Did the PM deceive the WA corporate affairs commissioner?
QG7: Contrary to the regulations of the new incorporate entity, was the PM aware that funds were paid from the “slush” fund in part-payment of a house bought at an auction that the PM attended?
QG8: Was there a conflict of interest, working for Messrs Wilson & Blewitt when the AWU was a client?
QG9: It has been alleged that the PM threatened executives of News Ltd.
           Is this allegation true?

The submission was sucessful! (And we provided an e-mail address.)
Your message was successfully submitted.
If you provided a valid email address, a copy of your email will be issued to this address within 24 hours. This email is provided for your records.

NCTCS looks forward to her reply.

And this from godalpus -(see comments - HERE)



    The Alp Communist Union Party, card-carrying card waving, flag flying, runs by Comrade GILLARD fully paid up, is the target liken to a red flag to a bull.

    70% of collected revenue props up, GILLARD & SWAN Mp, Bureaucrats, Public Servants, who spent all day falling all over each other, @ $132,481,000,000 Billion Dollars. Per year...


    .... All other functions, other purposes, general public services" GILLARD & SWAN trying to hide the staggering cost of government!

    The highest unemployment @5.7 % national average, which is a lie, Because the Bureau of Stats, use a formula, that suits the government, 1) even if you work 1 hour a week you get taken off the official stats. More like 11%.

    I don't know Steven (Courier Mail), how the media allows them to falsely claim @ 5% figure. Constantly.

    Highest crime

    Highest food prices

    Highest petrol prices

    Highest rent prices, per population, per the world

    Highest Costing Governments in the world, even the universe, per population

    Highest Corrupt Politicians in the western world per population.

    Lowest house approvals.

    You could never miss JULIA GILLARD, and WAYNE SWAN, their got targets painted on their fore heads a mile long!

    Surprised not, Wayne Swan, wet behind the ears, never ran a business, never had a real job, never paid anyone a pay cheque, a institutionalised Public Servant, a fully paid up goose stepping, card waving, card carrying, flag flying, ALP Communist Union Party Member, WHO'S BOOK KEEPING (Swan) MORE DODGY THEN A NIGERIAN PONZY SCHEME

  2. The Way forward for Australia is the THORIUM Power Industry that is so doable that even the USA is encouraging CHINA to have!!!!! that new cleaner Technology so that the world isn't staggering from all their Pollution.

    The Thorium stuff is everywhere in Australia we stand to be RICH!! get your stupid act together you brainDeads.


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