Durban - where the wheels almost fell off

Two big decisions came out of Durban.
Image: Wikipedia

  1. Canada backed out of the Kyoto Agreement
  2. Delegates decided to keep snouts in the trough for a few more years
1:  Canada Exits Kyoto Climate Agreement
Canada is withdrawing from the 1997 Kyoto Protocol agreement on climate change, with Environment Minister Peter Kent arguing that the framework doesn't represent the way forward for Canada or the world.
Kent is quoted by the AP as saying:
"The Kyoto Protocol does not cover the world's largest two emitters, United States and China, and therefore cannot work. It's now clear that Kyoto is not the path forward to a global solution to climate change. If anything it's an impediment."
2: Delegates decided to keep snouts in the trough for a few more years
As Terry McCrann writes  in the Herald Sun
THE great climate gravy train rolls on and Julia Gillard and Bob Brown's great big carbon tax just got bigger. Much bigger.
Phew. The dedicated delegates had to sacrifice a weekend, stay up all night and pump out even more carbon dioxide, but they were able to pull victory right out of the jaws of disaster, figuratively at five minutes after midnight.
There they were facing the end of their world, their cosy world of riding the climate gravy train from one annual two-week conference in a resort city, to the next, and all the points through the year in-between.
Always, always, being prepared to make the tough choices: which resort city, and indeed, north or south?
Faced with going down in history as the free-lunchers that betrayed not just this generation of climate change main-chancers, but the next free-lunching generation and indeed the generation after that, they resolutely put their snouts - sorry, their shoulders - to the wheel and ground out a deal.
Success! Simply put, they ensured that the great climate gravy train would NOT come to a shuddering stop in Durban. It was given a new head of steam to roll on to Qatar next year and who knows where else right through to at least 2015.
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