Amazingly Unbelievable

Or should I say Unbelievably Amazing.

One of our members has had the patience to draw up a "board"that has one million pixels. Mostly all blue!

An Amazing Task.

But Wait!    There's more.

He has made 390 dots out of the 1,000,000 a different colour, representing the anthropogenic total C02 in the atmosphere. Man's emissions only contribute about 3% of that or 0.04% x 3%... and OZ only contributes less than 2% of the 0.04% x 3%...
Do you think that is small? Well, the tax on the air that we breather, the carbon dioxide tax is going to reduce that miniscule amount by 5% - or  0.0000012%

Peter (see comments- thanks Peter) corrected a hastily posted amount - can anyone tell me if this
figure is correct?


  1. Geoff, an oops - 390 ppm is total CO2 not horrid mankinds malevolent, evil and omnipotent portion !!!!


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