Thursday, 14 April 2011

Combet's Con Job?

Letter to the Editor by TCS President Leon Ashby.
 Is Combet's CO2 tax a con job on voters

Dear Sir / Madam,
                             I believe Greg Combet is trying to bribe us voters with promises that a CO2 tax with compensation won`t cost us much.

I therefore have these questions for the Climate Change Minister.

Is the CO2 tax a con job that traps unsuspecting voters of future rises in costs without increasing compensation ?

Is it true that the best Australia will stop global temperatures rise is around 0.0001 degree C by 2020?
If not, then what will it be and what price will it cost Australia to stop Global temperatures increasing that amount?

According to a leaked Frontier modeling report, it will cost Australians an average $4,500 per person per year for 40 years to achieve an extremely small reduction in Global temperatures and sea levels.
When businesses apply for funds, they have to demonstrate value for money with a figure. Can you demonstrate value for money for the CO2 tax with a figure of Dollars per cm sea level rise prevented?

There are predictions by solar sunspot researchers such as David Archibald using 300 years of sunspot data that the next decade will be 1.4 degrees to 2 degrees C cooler than the last decade.
The correlation holds very consistently. As Climate Change Minister, have you looked at this research?

There is also research showing the SOI (Southern Oscillation index) has a predictive correlation with world Temperatures (see graph below)
Do you have better predictive models than these pieces of research and if so what is it?
 If not why do you think climate change is mostly due to CO2 levels?

Photos and Graphs below

Leon Ashby
President The Climate Sceptics

David Archibald

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