Saturday, 26 March 2011

Reputable Scientists and Flim Flam Men

Andrew Bolt interviewed Tim Flannery on Friday. (Link in title)

Flannery made some amazing admissions.
Climate Commissioner Tim Flannery joins us - but refuses to say by how much the world’s temperature will fall thanks to Julia Gillard’s global warming policies. Later he concedes that even if the whole world slashes its emissions we won’t know what difference it will make for maybe a thousand years. Doesn’t sound like much of a deal to me. 
Tim Flannery
Not much of a difference. And not for maybe a thousand years. Perhaps, after his previous predictions have all been shown to be wrong, he will only make predictions well into the future when we are all gone.

Andrew said that he wouldn't go into past history.

In Dec 09,  on ABC, Mr Flannery said: "“Trust is the issue ... Would you trust Andrew Bolt on climate change?” Well, would anyone trust Tim Flannery?
  • In March 2008, Flannery warned that “the water problem is so severe for Adelaide that it may run out of water by early 2009”.
  • In June 2007, he warned that Brisbane’s “water supplies are so low they need desalinated water urgently, possibly in as little as 18 months” It was because of predictions like this that Wivenhoe dam was overfull before the disastrous Queensland floods this year.
  • In 2005, he predicted Sydney’s dams could be dry by 2007. 
  • In 2004, Flannery said global warming would cause such droughts that “there is a fair chance Perth will be the 21st century’s first ghost metropolis”. 
  • In 2008, Flannery warned that scientists feared “this may be the Arctic’s first ice-free year”.
Not a correct prediction in any of his predictions. Although his book, the Weather Makers came out after the MBH98 Hockey Stick had been exposed as fraudulent. Tim Flannery still included it in the book. Do you think that was reputable, Mr Flannery?

Flannery agreed that Julia Gillard was wrong to say that every reputable climate scientist backs her view of man-made warming. Flannery admitted that Richard Lindzen was reputable but inferred that John Christy, The two Roger Pielkes were not.

Let's look at John Christy. From Wikipedia:
Christy received a B.A. in Mathematics (1973) from the California State University, Fresno, and an M.S. and Ph.D. in Atmospheric Sciences (1984, 1987) from the University of Illinois. He is a distinguished professor of atmospheric science, and director of the Earth System Science Center at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. He was appointed Alabama's state climatologist in 2000. For his development of a global temperature data set from satellites he was awarded NASA's Medal for Exceptional Scientific Achievement, and the American Meteorological Society's "Special Award."[3] In 2002, Christy was elected Fellow of the American Meteorological Society. John is a former lead author for the IPCC's assessment reports.
If you look at Flannery's failures and Christy's achievements, Flannery calling John Christy disreputable is quite frankly pathetic!

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  1. Imagine some-one with a record as crook as Tim Flummery's, having the audacity to criticise a climate scientist like John Christy. What a horrible man.


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