Phillip Coorey, The MSM and Julia Gillard

Fairfax Journalist Phillip Coorey has written a piece in the Fairfax press today.
The Headline:

Gillard says a carbon price must be set this year or it will never happen PHILLIP COOREY CHIEF POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT


  1. Thank Geoff for this response to Phillip Coorey. I have heard him talk on ABC radio and he comes over as being convinced human-induced climate change is real which view colours his "reporting".

  2. Perhaps others who are uncertain about whether or not we should have to pay a NEW TAX ON AIR could try this simple experiment. Go outside and look into the night sky and ask yourself if you think any human being could control what is out there. While the government has scientists bogged down in the nitty gritties of every little atom and molecule, it is distracting attention away from basic common sense.

    As far as I'm concerned, Labor/Greens should be sent to Taxaholics Anonymous, since they cannot control their constant desire to financially rape the Australian community, while sending jobs offshore.

  3. Excellent comment Lorikeet


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