Thursday, 17 March 2011

MS Gillard and Jobs in Australia

The Litany of Lies continues:-

The Australian: JULIA Gillard has promised she will not allow jobs in heavily polluting trade-exposed industries to go overseas under her emissions pricing regime, and declared that this year may be the nation's last chance to strike a deal on a carbon price.

ABC News On line: But Ms Gillard has warned that if Australia does not price carbon in 2011, it will miss its opportunity to make the transition to a clean-energy economy. She says failure to introduce the tax will cost jobs in the long run and has promised the Government will protect jobs as it introduces a price on carbon.

Sydney Morning Herald: JULIA Gillard has promised her carbon-pricing scheme will protect jobs in vulnerable industries, in a feisty speech that sharply distances Labor from the Greens, describing them as one of the ''extremes'' in Australian politics.

If the Labor/Green Government's Carbon dioxide tax makes it too costly to do business here then naturally either businesses will move offshore or local manufacturers will suffer from cost discrepancies and loses market share and/or close. As for Ms Gillard distancing Labor from the Greens

The Age last September: JULIA Gillard's warm embrace of the Greens in Tuesday's historic Canberra pact has rattled and angered Labor powerbrokers in the Prime Minister's home state...

How can she back away from a signed agreement and break a promise (oh, yeah, she can break promises, can't she?) to confer with the Greens weekly.

Perhaps she will say she promised to confer weakly?

The Fairfax Papers: In reference to the Greens, Ms Gillard painted them as the other extreme that would cost existing jobs if their course of action was followed. Ms Gillard said emissions-intensive industries which have competitors in countries no carbon price exists needed assistance to help with the transition. She said there would still be an incentive for industries to reduce emissions and jobs would be protected.

Explanation of Terms.
heavily polluting                    large emitters of vital-to-life carbon dioxide
emissions pricing                   carbon dioxide tax
carbon price                           carbon dioxide tax
carbon                                    carbon dioxide
clean energy economy           power outages, blackouts

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