Labor and Greens exaggerate to evade hard questions

Letter to the editors by Leon Ashby - TCS President.

Dear Sir,
Leon Ashby.
              In today's world where tolerance and understanding are touted by politicians, Greg Combet, Bob Brown and Julia Gillard are into prejudice and exaggeration by calling people names like extremists and deniers.

If they are really truthful and honest, here are the questions they should openly face up to:

 1: Where is the scientist that shows us CO2 will make the planet 3-5 degrees C warmer in 2100?
     If there isn`t one, why the panic?

 2: In 10 years time Australia might reduce it`s CO2 by 5% when the Chinese  plan to increase theirs
     by  600 times that amount
     So why are we going to do it?

3: Where is the scientist that precisely predicts the World's temperature according to CO2 levels?
     If there is none, how do you know CO2 is the culprit?

4: If Labor and the Greens are reasonable people and think Australians want a Carbon (dioxide) tax
    that will cost us jobs, why not call an election and confirm it by winning a majority in both houses?

It's really that simple.

Leon Ashby
President, The Climate Sceptics


  1. Leon, i really want to help, if your letters go in the paper then i get to bag them
    your last letter in a similar vein did not go in locally, i believe that was because like this one you are not actually saying anything, just asking questions , try again but make it a letter worth printing, using 1 2 3 4 etc just confuses people and does not read well in a letter as it usually cannot be laid out that way ,
    anyway if it does get in I will just bring your contradictions to notice, glad to help


    john byatt

  2. Shows your true colours, doesn't it, Mr CoolFool Byatt!

  3. Again is Leon Ashby linked to being a pastor of a Assembly of God in South Australia? There is a similar profile of this man and name that appears on their church listings.

    This is not an attempt at religious vilification. I do know of many AOG pastors who attended a Heartland Conference here in Australia a few years ago.

    This would link to Senator Fielding and others to a coalitionist type setup. As a member of this church I hope this is not true.

    It is not in the interest of the church to be involved in such a debate as this and presents us with a conflict of interest - The Spiritual Kingdom of God and its propagation or a politicised para movement within a Christian movement.

  4. On behalf of Leon Ashby28 March 2011 at 10:15

    Leon Ashby of the Climate Sceptics is not an AOG pastor or a pastor of any church.
    He does assist people with alcohol and drug problems and he and his wife have fostered many teenagers with family issues into their home to help them get their life together.

    If anyone wants to allege that these sorts of things make Leon overly radical, they are welcome to those and the following details
    Leon has also been awarded a centenary medal for services to conservation and the environment, been secretary of Aramac landcare group, runnerup in the 1999 Qld landcare research award, co founder of the Australian Environment foundation, been chairman of the Mt Gambier and districts community house, president of Bushvision Television, and assisted in dairymens' associations and Kongorong football and cricket clubs.

    Leon talks with Agnostics, Atheists, Muslims and Christians as well as people from almost every political party. He has his own views on faith etc, and will explain them if need be, but issues of faith are not what the Climate Sceptics are about. Confronting lies, incorrect scientific knowledge and incorrect logic are.

    Obviously the AOG church and all churches should be concerned about the kingdom of God and (possibly) confronting evil and lies where it can discern as much.
    If a church cannot see those facts in the climate / CO2 debate, they will remain silent, however some like George Pell of the Roman Catholic Church venture into the issue quite forcefully.

    Leon welcomes people from all perspectives to get involved. Many Christians do (e.g. Christian Democratic party). If there is a move within the AOG to take a position on CO2, it would be most interesting, but Leon knows nothing of it.


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