Julia will protect the most vulnerable - herself.

Julia Gillard in an opinion piece in Fairfax National Times.

This team did a 180º turn together!
Australia must reject the extremes of the debate, no matter from where on the political spectrum they emerge.
We see those who don't believe in climate science arguing that the government shouldn't act. I don't agree. I'll be taking my science from the CSIRO, not the radio shock jocks.
We'll also see those who accept the science but whose environmentally extreme solutions would endanger our economy and the jobs of working people. We should reject that approach, too.

Ms Gillard accepts the "science" but her solution WILL endanger our economy. We should therefore reject her approach.

(Mr Abbott)  has called for a ''people's revolt'' and is courting climate change deniers. He is attempting to harness those who disagree with the scientists to try to ensure nothing is done.

Ms Gillard, I can’t say this often enough. We know that climate changes, we know that climate will always change, has always changed. The only deniers, or probably more accurately pretend climate change deniers are the IPCC/Climategate cabal.

The Labor Party will do what it has always done. We'll protect the most vulnerable members of our society

The Labor party will do anything to prop up the very vulnerable, very fragile hold on power. Any lie will do if it helps their slipping grip of power. Think of the hypocrisy of the “Independents” who signed on because they supported MS Gillard's policies, including “there will be no carbon (dioxide) tax….” Obviously, when Ms Gillard did a 180º turn after they signed on, they obviously had to do a 180º turn as well. Or were they already bolted on? IS that why former state Labor cabinet minister was handing out "how to Vote" cards for so-called Independent Rob Oakeshott in the last General Election (here). He drove three hours to hand out HTVs for Oakeshott. I wonder what Labor people around Cessnock thought of that?


  1. "Australia must reject the extremes of the debate.."

    I guess then that the debate isn't over. If Gillard is sincere about what she said, then we should see extremists like Flannery and Combet removed, and ignore most of what Jim Hansen says.

  2. There are some conflicting comments from our lying PM. She said that the GANG-Green were extremists and yet she signed a pact with them. She said that Mr Abbott should not associate with extremists and yet she is co-ruling with the extremist GANG-Greens.

    Mind you she said she didn't go out to the rally because she wasn't asked. That infers that if she was asked, she would have gone out. Or was that another (inferred) lie?

    She also said that she didn't go out because Tony Abbott had another Red-Head out there. She was referring to Pauine Hanson. Pauline was not there officially but was just a member of the crowd. THere would have been many Red-Heads in that 4500 people. THere was only one Ranga cowering inside.


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