Thursday, 17 February 2011

Tim Flannery - GAIA Worshipper

Tim Flannery has long been a Worshipper of GAIA. He wrote about it in his 2006 book "The Weather Makers."
Tim (FlimFlam) Flannery. Photo 2UE
In 2008, on Andrew Denton's Enough Rope:
Well Gaia is our earth, this extraordinary living organism of ours that we’re all part of and just breathing now, talking we are plugged into Gaia aren’t we? We are, we taking the atmosphere into our bodies, we’re changing its chemical composition and we’re exhaling it. And it’s life that makes the atmosphere what it is, that’s a very important aspect of Gaia you know. Gaia is life working as a whole to maintain the atmosphere as it is, so that life can go on. So, Gaia I think is is saying to us “it’s time you took control.”
At Latrobe University in June 2009:

Robert Manne: I said earlier that I think I got your book – yesterday’s reading of it – and it seems to me your thought is very strongly connected with James Lovelock’s idea of Gaia. I wondered first for the audience if you could give a reasonable succinct view of what his conception of Gaia is and then I want to talk about your book a bit in regard to that.
Tim Flannery: Well James Lovelock is a genius, who’s 90 years old, who was a kind of a, well, a medical person for a while. He came up with the view that the earth functions as a single organism basically......
And again this year, From the ABC's Science show via The Australian:
In a recent ABC Radio National Science Show interview with presenter Robyn Williams, Tim Flannery, a paleontologist, talked about Gaia.

Tim Blair, in his column in the Daily Telegraph this week wrote:
A couple of months ago, author and dinosaur-bone specialist Tim Flannery told a Sydney audience that "within this century, the concept of the strong Gaia will actually become physically manifest.
"This planet, this Gaia, will have acquired a brain and a nervous system that will make it act as a living animal, as a living organism."
 Today, Tim Flannery has written a reply to Tim Blair. It can be found here. He does nothing to address Mr Blair's reference to Gaia worship. It has been reported that James Lovelock has said his Gaia theory was wrong.

Also, hear 2UE's Michael Smith interview Tim Flannery here. To get balance, Mike interviewed Richard Lindzen the following day. Listen here...

See also: The IPE's Des Moore on Tim Flannery here..


  1. Love your blogg keep them coming. Dont forget to come protest: Sydney

    & Canberra

  2. Check out this quote from Tim Flannery's book. 'The Weather Makers'.

    "Most dangerous of all are the power plants that use coal to generate electricity. Black coal (anthracite) is composed of at least 92 per cent carbon, while dry brown coal is around 70 per cent carbon and 5 per cent hydrogen. Carbon and oxygen--the components of CO2--are close neighbours on the periodic table, meaning that they have similar atomic weights. Because two oxygen atoms combine with one carbon atom to form CO2, around three and a half tonnes of the gas is created for every tonne of anthracite consumed.

    How does one tonne of black coal produce 3 and a half tonnes of CO2? What a moron.

    If this is the type of logic our governments are latching onto then we have very little hope of them looking at reality.

  3. Well said, Anonymous.

    Have you seen Dr Wes Allen's review of the Flannery Book The Weather Makers Re-examined?

  4. Although I am not a fan of Flannery I have to point out that what he says in the above quote from Anon actually makes sense

  5. You mean this bit from Anon: "What a moron." ?

  6. One tonne of black coal produces around three and a half tonnes of C02. This is correct

  7. There is no confirmed link between CO2 and runaway Global Warming.
    THAT is correct.

  8. I agree with you

  9. ...but One tonne of black coal (Anthracite) produces around three and a half tonnes of C02.

  10. Commercial coal has a carbon content of at least 70%. Coal with a heating value of 6.67 kWh per kilogram as quoted above has a carbon content of roughly 80%, which is

    \frac{0.8 \ \mathrm{kg}}{\mathrm{12} \cdot \mathrm{kg/kmol}} = \frac{2}{30} \ \mathrm{kmol} , where 1 mol equals to NA (Avogadro Number) atoms.

    Carbon combines with oxygen in the atmosphere during combustion, producing carbon dioxide, with an atomic weight of (12 + 16 × 2 = 44 kg/kmol). The CO2 released to air for each kilogram of incinerated coal is therefore

    \frac{2}{30} \ \mathrm{kmol} \cdot \frac{44 \ \mathrm{kg}}{\mathrm{kmol}} = \frac{88}{30} \ \mathrm{kg} \approx 2.93 \ \mathrm{kg}

  11. flannery was talking about anthracite which is more than 90% carbon

  12. and in that case the answer is 3300kg co2

  13. Flannery does (or did) a lot of talking mostly bulltish. Have you see the comprehensive destruction of his book The WeatherMakers?



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