Climate Of Control

From IBD Editorials:
During Senate hearings last week on cap-and-trade legislation, Republican James Inhofe of Oklahoma produced a chart generated by the Environmental Protection Agency that shows it makes little difference what developed countries do to limit greenhouse gas emissions if undeveloped countries such as China and India don't do the same.

And so it is with Australia, also. Compared with the USA (even if you believe in Santa and Man-made Global Warming) Australia's contribution to the CO2 emissions is negligible.

In response, and to her credit, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson acknowledged that unilateral limits on carbon dioxide emissions "would not impact CO2 levels." But Energy Secretary Steven Chu, without elaboration, simply said he didn't agree with the chart. Which says a lot about how global warm-mongers react these days when confronted by facts.

Like Al Gore, Disregard something that you don't agree with!