Glickson, consensus and hysteria: the state of alarmism

Anthony Cox

Andrew Glikson is implacable in his alarmism. His latest effort is to organise 154 fellow academics, all on the public teat, to write a letter pleading to shut down coal and basically Australia’s economy.

The letter is a cliché of alarmist platitudes and shibboleths. One such cliché is misanthropy. Glikson and his fellow alarmists agree with Turnbull’s ridiculous statement that human influence on Earth is a massive science experiment with catastrophic results. Glikson is like other alarmists who compare human influence to 4 atomic bombs going off every second. Why do alarmists never consider human influence as good and beneficial. We are always bad in their eyes and a blight on the Earth.

Another cliché is vanity. The idea that humans can control, even in a negative way, the climate of Earth is akin to King Canute wondering down to hold back the waves. Human CO2 is negligible compared with natural CO2 and human energy miniscule compared to planetary and solar forces. Even if you accept alarmism’s estimate of the forcing effect of the increase in CO2 (and that humans are responsible for this increase, which they are not) of 3.7W/m^2 accumulating over the next century this is dwarfed by just one daily natural process of condensation which William C Gilbert in his excellent paper notes involves fluxes exceeding 1000W/m^2. The idea that anything humans do can match natural process is delusional and manifestly wrong.

Glikson and his fellow alarmists have no shame. One of the other academics on the list is Chris
Turney. Turney is infamous for going to the South Pole to prove there was no sea ice and promptly becoming stuck in sea ice because there was so much of it. The rescue of Turney and his ship of fools was an international incident and involved inconvenience and expense to his international rescuers. You would think after this debacle Turney would have slinked away but here he is as brazen as ever.

Glikson’s science in his letter can be readily dismissed. His first 2 links do not work but presumably in making the usual claims of hottest ever about temperature he is relying on the same NASS:GISS temperature record which his fellow alarmist, professor Brian Cox used on QandA. This record has been so blatantly adjusted it is discredited, an outlier and unreliable.

Glikson then references himself to prove the increase in CO2 is both exceptional and caused by humans. Neither is correct.

The usual nonsense about an increase in extreme weather follows in complete contradiction of what both the IPCC and Nature Journal say. Neither is extreme weather in the forms of heatwaves or cyclone activity increasing in Australia.

Ocean acidity as Glikson claims, is not increasing for the simple reason the ocean is NOT acidic to begin with. In addition Glikson’s claim that extra CO2 will cause ocean acidification is scientifically unsound because, as Patrick Moore explains, warming causes the ocean to release CO2 not absorb it. A good summary of this principle is here. And despite Glikson’s hysterical claims there is no evidence of any acidification in the oceans according to NOAA.

Glikson completes his scare portfolio with the old standby of rising sea levels (we’re all going to drown!). Glikson links to an Australian government site which simply parrots the IPCC. However looking at real data from PSMSL and the BoM’s Pacific Sea Level Monitoring Project shows no increase in sea level rise. Over geologic history the absurdity of Glikson’s claim about unusual sea level rise is fully revealed by Monash University’s Saul time graph of sea levels.

Giikson is a true believer and it would be amusing if his frantic attempts to alarm and influence policy were not so destructive. His hysteria and that of his fellow public servants should be scorned.


  1. If Glikson and his co-alarmists and the rest of the elitist, green left Jeremiahs are so looking forward to a CAGW / CC caused Armageddon, which their collective constant, hysterical ranting indicates they are; what are they all waiting for?
    They can bring it forward, for themselves right now, or any time!

    Seriously though, this is why I've always believed they're all certifiably psychotic: no mentally & emotionally normal person views the world and life generally, with such a dark / morbid outlook, yet these loonies not only fully believe the CAGW Armageddon dogma, they're all excited and elated about it!
    It begs the question: Is this normal behaviour? Of course it isn't, so why on earth does anyone listen to them? We now have world leaders who not only listen to them and regard their hysterical baloney as gospel truth, they also WASTE trillions of dollars on mindless, futile efforts to 'mitigate' what those crazies have convinced them will happen.
    That is: the supposedly highly educated, intelligent and responsible citizens that we voted to lead our nations, are taking a bunch of mentally unstable, total nut-jobs seriously! (I.e. Tim Flannery - away with the fairies his whole life - Australian Of The Year 2006)!?? Can you believe this?
    It's just MADNESS all-round.

    In fact, mind boggling and frightening to any rational person - i.e. to most people, at least most that are say, over 40 years old.

    Maybe it's for their huge egos (a common characteristic of most leftist elites) and they just want to wait for the big fire, or big flood, moon-sized supersonic cyclones, or freeze, or whatever catastrophic global disaster caused by human CO2 emissions, they all decide is inevitable and say: "See, we told you so"... "We tried to warn you heretical, climate change denying environmental vandals, that this would happen".


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