Climate Realist Malcolm Roberts voted in as a Queensland Senator

Malcolm Roberts, for ~10 years has been fighting against the man-made global warming climate hoax on his own and as spokesman for the Galileo Movement.

After some consideration, he decided to put his name up as No 2 to Pauline Hansen in the Queensland Senate Election. Then, on Broadcaster Alan Jones' breakfast program he exposed the fact that the LNP had already introduced a form of carbon tax.

Malcolm had previously talked to then  Minister for the Environment Greg Hunt and presented him with empirical evidence to show that the man made global warming scare was a hoax.
The ultimate arbiter of science and the basis for policy on scientific issues is empirical scientific evidence. This letter explains h0w I know factually that you have no empirical scientific evidence of global warming (aka climate change) by carbon dioxide (CO2) from human activity. Yet you continue to falsely imply, though carefully not state, that you have such evidence. In public statements you contradict empirical scientific evidence and misrepresent climate and climate science.  (Much More Here)
Now, Malcolm has been voted in as Senator-Elect for Queensland.

One Nation's Malcolm Roberts vows to halt 'ridiculous lies' on climate change
“I’ve done a lot of research into climate,” he said at a media conference on Thursday. “I went looking into the agencies that have been spreading the climate science. I started finding out things about the CSIRO and Bureau of Meteorology. That led me then to the UN, which has been driving this." 

Congratulations Malcolm!!

Here is a short video from Malcolm showing how stupid the man made global warming hoax is. It couldn't possibly be down to the one molecule of man's CO2 in the 85,800molecules of atmosphere:


  1. Congratulations Malcolm.
    We are depending in you to expose this farce - climate change

  2. Congratulations Malcolm. At last a prominent voice for reason.

  3. It's about time sensible opinions moved into Canberra good luck

  4. Replies
    1. Yes, Greg Hunt is a nutcase for refusing empirical evidence over his "belief" in the science.

      Science is about empirical evidence and NOT "belief."

  5. Hi Malcolm, this is fantastic. I am really excited at the prospect of what effect you are going to have on this hoax and those behind the whole thing, not to mention how you will at the very least, not only expose this well planned crime against humanity that many of our trusted political leaders are directly involved in and participting; you will at least also REVEAL the truth behind the CAGW scam and therefore, their WICKED AGENDA (21) to ALL Australians, rather than the mere handful who are painfully aware of what's going on at present...

    I read your open letter dated March 19th 2014,
    to Environment Minister Greg Hunt, in its entirety and was shocked at some of the information that you confronted him with, which is of course, indisputable and undeniable.

    Might I suggest a good place for you and One Nation to 'set the ball rolling' and of course to garner more confidence and TRUST of many more ordinary Australians, who of course stand to be the real victims of what our trusted leaders (who are all on board with the rest of the Stalinist UN member's), hope to accomplish once they gain total control of everyone's lives through their 'clean, green' global Tyranny, by disseminating that letter to every Australian household.

    It's only fair that the voting public KNOW the truth and the truth about this INCREDIBLE HOAX and the misery it will cause every good, honest and hard-working Australian to suffer, if they're allowed to continue as they are, unchallenged.
    I feel the information contained in your EXCELLENT letter to Hunt is potentially world changing.
    It should be distributed in a similar way to pre-election advertising & propaganda - via junk-mail delivery, or even via proper Australia Post mail, if we can afford it. And if possible, support it with Newspaper and radio ads...

    The loony, global leftist elite greenies will of course, try everything in their power (and sadly, we all know they possess far too much power & influence), to silence you and even destroy you and One Nation, which they're already trying very hard to do, however I cannot see how they, or anyone else could legally prevent you - The One Nation party, from disseminating your letter, or even a 'cut-down' (edited) version to every household in Australia...
    I sincerely hope you will consider this suggestion, as we cannot allow these scoundrels to continue to inflict their evil ideology and loony junk-scientific based dogma on the world, any longer...

    They MUST BE STOPPED and we - the people of Australia are the ones who can and WILL STOP THEM!

  6. So this is one of those sites where low quality brains gather to collectively misunderstand information. The layout and colour scheme are really something. Also, Malcolm Roberts looks like a man who skins cats.

    1. "low quality brains gather to collectively misunderstand information"

      Errr.. like statements like "looks like a man who skins cats"...

      No, "this is one of those sites where" we publish information - empirical evidence - to oppose the #agwHoax.

      And to rebut the deluded who make stupid remarks like "looks like a man who skins cats."

    2. And: "this is one of those sites where" unlike the trolling and cowardly, leftist greenie above, that chooses to hide behind the 'oh so original' and totally untraceable pseudonym of Anonymous, when we post comments here, especially ones that confront and mock the CAGW HOAX and the stupid sheeple that believe in it, we use our REAL NAMES.


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