Man Made Global Warming is a hoax

Conservative for Congress Lenar Whitney denounces Global Warming as a myth, designed to give more power to the executive branch, while increasing taxes in a progressive's dream to regulate every aspect of American life ­ from our lightbulbs to our thermostat. Lenar says that anyone can prove it with a  thermometer

Here is Lenar's video:


  1. I wonder how much the oil companies are paying her. The 'scientists' she quotes are funded by them. You could take almost every sentence she utters and show it as wrong or twisted.

    1. In fact Big Oil funds the AGW side of the debate. Shell and BP funded the UEA CRU. Chevron funds the AGU fall climate change meeting to get a leg up on coal:

      Big Oil such as BP profit from the govt subsidy of solar. In fact Big Oil's profits aren't threatenened by renewables, since they don't really replace fossil fuels and they know it. In any case the oil companies make the renewables; so they're in on the scam.

      The idea that the only motivation for skepticism of AGW is oil funding shows the paucity of the warmist argument. AGWers know that Big Oil isn't really the problem; it's that mother nature isn't playing along with the AGW scam.

  2. Bazille, you foule take The three sentences you unteres and Show how wring and twistend they are, but why bother with someone äs twisted äs you.


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