Climate Change Denial? It's them, not us.

Jerry W. Elwood - retired director of the Climate Change Research Division in the U.S Department of Energy’s Office of Science 

has written an opinion piece for Daily Interlake.Com.

He commences by talking of what he calls "two myths."
One is that human-caused global warming is still an open and controversial scientific question, when in fact, it is not. The second is that science on any subject can ever be “settled” in the sense that all uncertainties about every detail can be eliminated, which is both an unrealistic and unreasonable expectation that no area of science can ever expect to meet.
Hello? Let's look at his "two myths."

Is human-caused (anthropogenic) global warming (AGW)  is still an open and controversial scientific question?

Elwood seems to think that the question is closed.
Just because some people disagree with a conclusion that is based on an overwhelming weight of evidence does not mean the science is unsettled. The fact is that almost all climate scientists with expertise and experience on the subject believe, based on the weight of evidence, that global warming observed over the past 60 years is caused largely by humans.
There are problems with this paragraph:
  • overwhelming weight of evidence 
  • the science is settled
  • almost all climate scientists with expertise and experience on the subject believe
  • global warming observed over the past 60 years
  • caused largely by humans

Overwhelming Weight of Evidence?

He quotes
 the heat content of the atmosphere, ocean, and land is increasing, why glaciers are retreating almost everywhere in the world, why sea level is rising, why the mass of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets is declining, and why the minimum extent of Arctic sea is declining.
Do these people look at any of the data or do they just look at climate models?

Are Glaciers Retreating? Well, as we are still recovering from the dark depths of the Little Ice Age (LIA) we can expect some to be retreating however here's a (partial) list of the 
specific glaciers that are growing, eg

Sorry, Mr Elwood. This is an unscientific statement.
If it is settled it is not science and if it is science it is not settled. 

 Almost all Climate Scientist believe.

Really? Believe is a religious term. Scientists use data and observation, not belief.

Global Warming Observed over the Past 60 Years.

60 to 2014. So we had cooling from 1954 to around 1975, then warming to around 1998 and now cooling to date.   Roughly -21 years cooling,  22 years warming,  15 years cooling. Your point is, Mr Elwood?

Caused Largely By Humans

Er....What was caused by humans? Was it the warming or the cooling that the humans caused? Can you give any evidence that humans have caused the warming?

 Mr Elwood then says:
The fact is that climate models predict the observed increase in global average temperatures since 1951 only if human-caused climate forcing is included in the models.
Hello? Climate Models? Climate models have comprehensively failed as compared with real world data.

SO the real world data show the failure of Mr Elwood's climate models. Why then would he add:
Myerowitz ignores the fact that his claims are refuted by an extensive body of observational data and evidence.... 
Whhoahh! WHO is ignoring the real world data?

Elwood also makes several other false assertions, peddling them as evidence that the climate is warming and that CO2 causes global warming.  The catastrophic anthropogenic global warming (CAGW) hypothesis has been falsified, Mr Elwood.