How the sorry...THE GREENS tried to steal Children's Christmas

The Greenpeace have a site called  Save Santa's Home.

They make a few assumptions:
  • Santa's Home is in the Arctic;
  • Santa's Arctic is Melting.
The Greenpeace write:
It’s his home, and where he, the Elves and Mrs Claus produce, organise and deliver presents for all the children of the world. But the North Pole is only a frozen ocean and it’s melting away faster and faster. 
IS this true?

Video Santa says: "My Home in the Arctic is fast disappearing."

What a whopper! No wonder he has a big red nose!

No- It's not true, Not according to the NSIDC (National Snow and Ice Data Center)
Arctic sea ice continued to expand during November, gaining 2.24 million square kilometers (865,000 million square miles) of ice since the beginning of the month. Sea ice extent for November averaged 10.24 million square kilometers (3.95 million square miles).
The Greenpeace then ask for your signature and unfortunately at time of writing, they have fooled over 4 million people including
Vivienne Westwood, Jude Law, Paul McCartney and Madonna 
It is indeed a pity that ill-informed "Stars" lock onto causes that they know little about.

Some quotes from the video "Santa"
  • intolerable 
  • impossible
  • cancel Christmas
For trying to end children's Christmas hopes and dreams, Greenpeace should be at the top of everyone's naughty list. 

What horrible people!


  1. Hi. My name is Mark, and I am a climate skeptic. I am also a geocentrist. Everything has changed in cosmology. Once you understand why, everything starts to make a lot more sense.

  2. These people seriously need a padded room!

  3. Are they even serious? Good luck getting those donations from people easily swayed by whatever.


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