Climate Alarmism is alive and Well and thumping the table.

Ezra Levant interviews the Climate Science Coalition's Tom Harris.

Ezra asks: "If we should be panicking about global warming,  why hasn’t there been any global warming since 1998?"

Tom replied: "........the computer models are all off, ….Professor Howard Hayden (Professor of Physics Emeritus)  from the University of Connecticut pointed out something very interesting, that, as their models have gone farther and farther from the actual data, in other words, as their mistake has increased in all the five assessment reports, their confidence has increased. (see graph.)

Ezra: "That’s a psychological trait; that’s called denial."

Law School Advice:
If the facts are on your side, you pound the facts….if the facts are not on your side, you pound the table. 
The UN is pounding the table.

Interesting fact from Tom: "A Billion dollars a day is going into the climate scare now!"


  1. I just sooo love reading all the comments on your posts. It is gratifying to see the amount of commentary on your site. I for one hope you will always have the amount of readership you now enjoy..... no really. :lol:
    LOVO@the Cafe

  2. It may be worth considering how far off their models must be for them to be 100% certain of Global Warming.


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