Ann Bressington Exposes Agenda 21, Club of Rome

The Honourable Ann Bressington MLC.

Ann Bressington Exposes
  • Agenda 21, 
  • Club of Rome, 
  • Sustainable Development, 

at the Lord Monckton Launch 2 Feb 2013 at the Adelaide Convention Centre.


  1. It's about time, good on her.

  2. Very good speech, we all need to wake up to this!

  3. ok...I can understand that you guys in this blog/community are climate skeptics. What is your stance on the general idea that humans communities in general live in complete conflict with the environment/nature?? I am just concerned because it is just anti climate people tend to look like they're protecting their pockets more than anything. I am not a climate change or sustainable development fan either, mostly for the reasons Anna exposes here which I had concluded a couple of years ago while doing environmental studies at uni. So it always strikes me as naive, that we use climate skepticism to also deny the fact that we humans live quite in an opposing way that nature does...comments on that?

    1. What's your point? If we walk through the woods and step on a cockroach or bend a twig, we are harming "nature". So do every other animal. Orcas eat penguins. Polar bears eat seals. Would you complain that they are opposing nature. Like every other animal, humans are "a part of nature". Our existance disturbs it. So what?

    2. My Dear Tatiana...

      It appears that you are totally missing the point here... Ann Bressington has the courage to stand up and warn anyone who can open their mind and let the truth in that Agenda 21 is an insidious peril pushed by the Rothchild Zionists through United Nations (which they own) If you doubt their power do a search on the Georgia Guidestones. They openly state just as in agenda 21 that world population will be reduced to 500 million people once they have total control... do the math Tatiana
      It is widely believed these people already control most of the money in the world, the Industrial Military Complex that Eisenhower warned all about in his farewell address, Apprx 95% of The Mainstream Media in America, the FDA, United Nations, The IMF, The CFR... Have you not heard of the Bilderberg Group? Who do you think own the Federal Reserve in Amereica?? Starting to get the picture... The truth is all around us just... Open your eyes
      God Bless us all...

  4. Hi does any one have ann bressingtons email address plz?

  5. I need ann bressingtons email because I lost my son to docs n he is only 7months old plz n he hates me leaving him n that he can't come home. I miss him n he misses me yeah I was really unwell mentally with post partum depression n borderline personality disorder n I need annz help or anybodys qld docs has a court order for him but he with my sister in nsw plz help

    1. From The Adelaide Independent 13/2/14: ( _

      Maverick Upper House MP Ann Bressington is unlikely to stand for re-election.

      Bressington, who has been battling Ross River virus, hasn’t been sighted at parliament house since mid-November and her staff haven’t been able to contact her.

      “We have no idea what she’s doing; she hasn’t told us,” office staffer Michael Figwer told InDaily this week.

      “She has been ill for some time and we haven’t seen her and don’t know if she’s standing again, but I don’t expect so.”

      InDaily’s calls and messages also remain unanswered.

  6. I will be praying for Ann as she is a light in the political landscape where all else feels wanting and prone to deception. Please let us pray for her health and for her return to the plight of the people. God Bless Ann!


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