ABC says they are biased on Climate Change but public think they are even handed

ABC bias on Climate
Change Reporting.
In a poll conducted by Taverner Research and reported by The Australian, found that the ABC, in it's coverage on political parties was fair and even. The coverage of Labor was polled as 49%, the coverage of the coalition was 51% and Greens 47%.

The result for the ABC's coverage of climate change showed an amazing 83% thought there is no bias in reporting.

The ABC has previously declared that they have a bias, declared that they had their own position on climate change (link)

But of course the ABC went against their [then] chairman Maurice Newman. Newman said that they should be even-handed on reporting of the global warming debate (link) but the ABC journalists should be called activists because they revolted and went against the ABC's charter and their chairman's wishes.
Mr Newman was criticised by Christopher Warren, the Federal Secretary of the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance in a letter the next day:

I was concerned to read yesterday the remarks made by ABC chairman, Maurice Newman, to a gathering of journalists, program-makers and management on Wednesday. 
Since his speech I have been contacted by a number of Media Alliance members from the ABC’s news and current affairs team who have interpreted Mr Newman’s remarks as an attempt to influence the ABC’s line on climate change.
Lord Monckton is currently touring NSW sponsored by the NO CARBON TAX Climate Sceptics in association with the Lord Monckton Foundation. See HERE.

Lord Monckton was interviewed by a definitely biased ABC Hobart Disc Jockey -

Listen from 18 minutes in. Bias bubbling over.


  1. Like many, I accept that global climate is changing. I also think it is quite likely that human activity is at least partly responsible, perhaps even mostly responsible, though I wonder about claims of "95%"certainty.
    What I strongly object to is the unprofessional, activist behaviour of public servants in the ABC.

    I frequently hear public servants like Tim Flannery or Mathew England on "our" ABC, but I have yet to hear the position of very experienced and highly qualified scientists such as Garth Paltridge.
    In "The Climate Caper" he raises completely reasonable questions about the prevailing orthodoxy, questions which should be publicly aired, yet these are never heard on "our" ABC.
    Why not?

    I also never hear ABC interviews with those such as Bjorn Lomborg who do not dispute that climate change is a real problem, but have a noncomformist opinion as to what to do about it.

    Why is it that public servants whose wages come from all of our pockets, and who ought to behave impartially, can get away with such behaviour?


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