Thursday, 10 January 2013

GLOBAL WARMING Has Stalled, admits Met Office

Time 1977
John Ingham writing for
THE great global warming debate was blown wide open again yesterday when the Met Office predicted cooler than expected temperatures for the next five years.
The Met Office, one of the top cheerleaders for the man-made climate change camp, said global temperatures are likely to be lower than it forecast in December 2011. 
Thirteen months ago the Met Office predicted that temperatures for 2012-16 would be 0.54C above average.
But now, after using a new experimental computer model, it predicted that in 2013-17 temperatures will be 0.43 above average.
This contrasts with the ­hottest year on record, 1998, which was 0.4C above the long-term average.
And from BBC Weather Blogger Paul Hudson:
The new projection, if correct, would mean there will have been little additional warming for two decades despite rising greenhouse gases. 
Will we soon see the alarmists again warning of a forth-coming ice age like they were in the seventies?

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