A Critique of the Discussion on the Absence of a Measureable Greenhouse Effect

Dr Allen
A Critical Examination  

by Dr D Weston Allen 


A Discussion on the Absence of a Measureable Greenhouse Effect

 By Joseph E Postma 


After two earlier papers attacking the Greenhouse Effect (GHE), Understanding the Thermodynamic Atmosphere Effect (March, 2011) and The Model Atmospheric Greenhouse Effect (July 22, 2011), both of which I have critiqued, Joseph Postma now presents this comprehensive assault on the theories of global warming by atmospheric greenhouse gases (GHGs): heat trapping, backradiation and elevation of the radiative emission level.  Over three weeks after I sent this critique to him via John O’Sullivan, Postma responded, but only to my introduction and last paragraph of the conclusion – nothing in between.  I have therefore clarified the statements and mathematics that he struggled to comprehend and added much of his response (in blue) to this introduction

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  1. Hi folks,

    More “About” John, his blogging group Principia Scientific International and its membership can be found at Global Political Shenanigans (http://globalpoliticalshenanigans.blogspot.co.uk/).

    Best regards, Pete Ridley


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