Prepare yourselves for an energy-free future!

Prepare yourself for an energy free future.
  • Buy a generator and a 
  • Big supply of petrol. 
  • Get candles. 
  • Buy a metho stove. 
  • Buy  (hand) Fans for summer and 
  • Blankets for winter.

The Green Gillard Government is against humanity!

Their carbon tax is designed to reduced humanity's use of energy.

 Australia's cheap energy comes from coal.  

Australians are being hit with increased costs for power due to highly subsided renewables forced into the  total energy equation and a tax on vital-to-life carbon dioxide killing our cheap standar of living.

My near neighbour ZEG puts it this way:

Meanwhile, have you bought your generator yet?  Have you got in a supply of candles and a metho stove?

Due to lack of maintenance and the CARBON dioxide TAX, our power sources are faltering and failing.

Fire blazes at Lake Hume Power Station  (link)

More than 50 firefighters from the Country Fire Authority, Fire and Rescue NSW and the NSW Rural Fire Service were called to the blaze which broke out in a high voltage transformer about 3pm Sunday.

But they were unable to start fighting the fire until just after 5pm, when the transformer at the power plant was shut down.


Eraring Power Station shuts down for repairs (link)

Eraring Power Station will shut down on Sunday for almost three weeks while crews repair boilers damaged last month during a major failure.

On September 8 unit four of the power station tripped out of service because a major steam leak.

This caused an escape of pulverised coal fuel. The incident caused damage to the boiler.

‘‘The units will be out of service for approximately 20 days for inspection subject to the extent of the repairs.’’

Carbon tax factor in Munmorah power station closure (link)

THE carbon tax was a factor in the decision to permanently close Munmorah power station with the loss of up to 120 jobs, Delta Electricity said yesterday.

Delta chief executive Greg Everett said the station had not produced electricity since August 2010, when it was put on standby.

‘‘The station’s ageing infrastructure and high maintenance costs mean that it is not economically viable to operate,’’ Mr Everett said.

‘‘The carbon tax further erodes its viability.’’

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  1. I see you have Lake Hume as well. Labels.

    Do they have anything in common? Is it all just standard or are e seeing a pattern, hmm.

  2. "The power grids in the former communist countries are “stretched to their limits” and face potential blackouts when output surges from wind turbines in northern Germany or on the Baltic Sea, according to Czech grid operator CEPS. The Czechs plan to install security switches near borders by year-end to disconnect from Europe’s biggest economy to avoid critical overload."


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