Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sceptic Vahrenholt wins debate with IPCC Scientist

 The Swiss Energy and Climate summit was held in Bern on 12-14 September. As part of the
Prof. Thomas Stocker Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt
Prof Stocker                vs            Prof Vahrenholt
Images : Swiss ECS
proceedings, there was a debate between Professor Fritz Vahrenholt (see here) and Professor Thomas Stocker on
Ist die Sonne schuld an der Klimaerwärmung which I translate as "Is the Sun to blame for Global Warming."

Pierre Gosselin on his blog NoTrickZone writes of the debate:

Vahrenholt Buries Another Climate Scientist In Debate – Claims IPCC Scientists “Have Colossally Exaggerated Warming”

Needless to say the atmosphere was electrified, with an audience of almost 400. Unfortunately there still is no video of this debate, but the online Berner Zeitung daily (BZ) of Bern wrote up a report, and yes, they too had to concede that skeptic Vahrenholt won the debate.
The BZ called Vahrenholt “rhetorically tough” and wrote he needed “only 10 seconds to warm up his argumentation machinery”.
Read more of Pierre's post HERE .

Some of the Comments to the post are worth recording:

Isn’t it funny how a new hypothesis (Svensmark) that explains events better than an older one (CO2AGW) sticks with “laymen”.
We gotta find better ways to re-educate them it seems. Maybe send a free copy of Michael Mann’s book to everyone.
Roger Helmer MEP
Vahrenholt is emerging as a star of the climate sceptic movement. He’s spoken several times in Brussels — the EU’s Heart of Darkness. It’s a delicious irony that he has a long track record as a German green activist and a leading player in renewable energy.


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