Pollution of Power.

 Here is a video of Michael Smith's Sydney address about the dealings of Bruce Wislon, The AWU, the phoney Incorporated body.

Michael is a very brave man.

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  1. I believe Julia Gillard should be held to account for the Governments treatment of me, if I could afford a Lawyer who was up for it:

    Hansard: 27July2011 NBN meeting I attended http://www.scribd.com/doc/101807593 The day after this happened:

    Media Release on the Department of Human Services Duty of Care: http://www.scribd.com/doc/101790548
    I said the reason Labor was starving me and removed my health care whilst seriously ill was so they could afford to pay hookers for Craig Thomson. Things have been going pretty bad for me in relation to basic Government services since and show no sign of improving but likely will get considerably worse. Um God help us.
    Department of Human Services personal attack, uses and enacts disadvantage penalties

    NBN Introduction and Training for a Technology Savvy people

    Gary Looney @garylooney


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