Rio+20 - Gabfest Failure -we need for Oil,Gas, Coal

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The Nation Review's blog has an opinion piece on a similar theme, Oil, Gas and coal provide energy that works, energy that lifts people out of poverty:-
The expensive U.N. gabfest and attempted power grab known as Rio+20 finally collapsed. Two days before Rio+20 ended in disarray, CFACT held a press conference to explain why failure was the best, the only, the most decent option for rich and poor countries alike.
“Failure in Rio would be good for the world’s poor,” director Marc Morano said. “Failure is the only option if you truly care about the environment or poor people. Carbon-based energy has been one of the greatest liberators of mankind in the history of the planet.”
Even the great environmentalist James Lovelock agrees. “Sustainable development is meaningless drivel,” he said recently.
Real sustainability is oil, gas, and coal,” Morano added. “It is energy that works, energy that lifts people out of poverty.”
h/t ClimateDepot