Muller rides again

Previously TCS blog has written of Richard Muller and the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) study in the item "The Best Sceptic in Town?"

Now Richard Muller is to lead a study into global surface temperatures.


Already he has been criticised by the alarmist propaganda blog Real Science.

Richard Muller says, of the scientists behind the ClimateGate scandal, "I lost my trust!" Physics World says that 
Muller, having read the leaked e-mails, is still scathing of these scientists and he is convinced that, while they did nothing illegal, they are still guilty of scintific malpractice and that big questions marks remain over their scientific methods. "What bothers me is the way that they hid the data and the way that they used the peer review system to make sure that the sceptics' arguments - some of which were valid - would not get published."