James Delingpole and The Precautionary Principle

James Delingpole talks heatedly with Jon Faine about pollution, carbon dioxide and The Precautionary Principle.

"It’s about cost/benefit analysis, isn’t it….what if carbon dioxide is warming the planet at a catastrophic level….what if there are alien species out there hell-bent on destroying our planet…maybe we should spend billions of dollars building giant alien killers on every hillside...."
See also Physicist Dr Gordon Fulks' view of "The precautionary principle."

In this feisty interview he (Delingpole) takes on Jon Faine's ridiculous claims that the planet will die unless we do as the environmentalists say. James Delingpole points out that allowing them to install a socialist world government that kills industry as well as our economy is not a good idea and is nothing more than a gesture.



  1. Who IS Jon Faine. He didn't shut up. Every time James started to answer he jumped over the top. It seemed he wasn't interested in the answers at all. I would take a bet that he believes there is actually a real hockey stick graph based on real science. Poor fellow. I will say though, the hot air generated by Faine alone is enough to create an increase in CO2 . Perhaps he could do his bit to reduce the carbon dioxide he is so worried about and and stop exhaling?


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