Silence of the ABC.

The Climate Sceptics blog pages  have reported how the BBC had scripts written by the Alarmist hoaxers. This morning on Sydney radio 2GB, Professor Ian Plimer, promoting his new book "How to get expelled from school.." said that "OUR" ABC was worse than the BBC.

I don't think the mainstream ABC has once mentioned Climategate 2, let alone Climategate 1.

However there is a small leak in the dyke of ABC misinformation on the ABC's opinion blog "Unleashed."  There is a new opinion piece by the NO CARBON TAX Climate Sceptics party's Secretary Anthony Cox.

Anthony says that the Alarmists and the Sceptics are not that far apart. Anthony analyses the latest leaked emails:
However the second release should be seen as an opportunity, not an intensification and widening of the gap between the pro and anti-AGW camp.
In legal disputes about complex matters, the parties can be obliged to prepare a Statement of Agreed Facts which acts to narrow the dispute down to its essential elements.
The latest emails reveal several issues which show the position of the email authors and the sceptics are very similar. Given this welcome convergence of opinion, a Statement of Agreed Facts can be prepared showing what aspects of AGW are essentially resolved and which issues remain in contention.

He talks of the major points:
  1. The Tropical Hot Spot [THS];
  2. The Hockeystick [HS];
  3. The climate models and clouds;
  4. Natural variability [NV];
  5. Peer Review.   

Well worth a read and also join in the comments to support Anthony against the inevitable flow of derogatory red-ragger ABC afficianados.